Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antique quilt

I am back home in California and hope I have fixed the computer problem that wasn't allowing me to download pictures.  I have lots to do this morning so won't write much but I really wanted to share a picture of this quilt that I purchased at the antique quilt booth, which both Lori and Bonnie have mentioned and shared photos.

It's a poison green and if you look carefully you can see how interesting some of the blocks are constructed.  Also, the holes don't bother me too much, really.  I decided I'd wash I soaked it in a large sink TEN times to try to get all the dirt out. TEN TIMES and the water was still dirty. I finally gave up and figured it was clean enough.  It is dated late 1800s. Bonnie figured that it was pieced with a treadle machine (the stitches are very close together).  Hand quilting is very primitive.  I love the green. If you're curious, I paid $60 for it.

I also wanted to share a picture of our picnic in the park during the show.  We always plan to meet in the park around noon time to sit in the shade, have some lunch and talk about all the quilts.  You can see we're sitting on my antique quilt (before it was washed, obviously). I'll bet the green is a lot duller!

That's DarLynn, Bonnie, Anne and Debbie. I think Lori got there after I took this picture.

I also bought two quilts for Claire (if she wants them, anyway) and I'll post pictures of her with them next week. If not, they'll stay with me!

I'm hoping to post Sow-A-Long blocks tomorrow, seeing as it's the third Wednesday in July.

Hope everyone is having a great week.
Love to you all,


  1. So pretty! amazing that it could be that dirty, I might soak it in my washer, turning it on occ to aggitate on Gentle just to get the rest out. you wouldn;t have to spin it, just pull it out and do what tou normally do.

  2. I love it--churn dash and poison green, what a great combination!!
    At that price, the holes wouldn't have bothered me either. : )

  3. Randy that is a great find! And different from your other vintage quilts! Yeah! I can't wait to see what you got for me!!! cheers, CW

  4. I just got finished making a churn dash quilt, it's a great simple block that looks so timeless and very different depending on the fabric used. Great price you paid.

  5. I love this fun and quirky quilt, Randy! It's almost as if the maker kept saying, "Hmmmm, how can I make this next block quirky?" It's so fun, and I love the zig zag setting, too! And I think that price was a steal! Yay!

  6. I love the quilt.

    Maybe it is the dye from the fabric that makes the water look dirty.

    I had a brand new coton fluffy sheet that the mice made some holes in; I appliqued some flannel squares over them and it is as new.

    cy from Canada

  7. I've never seen a green + blue quilt that I didn't like, and this one has to be near the top of my favorite list. I love the quirkiness of the blocks, the zigzag setting, and the dark and light pinks added. I also think you got a bargain.

    Do I see a wonderful maverick block, top left corner of the photo? It looks like parts are turned the wrong way. Just another reason to love this quilt. Lucky you!

  8. LOVE your quilt! We worry about things not matching these days, but then they just used what they had. Love the ways some of the stripes to all different directions and in one block they have pieced the background pieces. Fabulous :)

  9. What a fun quilt! I was there and I know you were cutting me out on purpose! lol See my cowboy hat?

  10. I love the quilt!!! The colors are so bright - it's amazing! Thanks for telling the price. I always wonder what people pay - I guess I'm nosey.

  11. I'm so happy this beautiful, unloved quilt found a good home. It deserves it! I love how the quilter 'made do' with what she had as she assembled her blocks. You made a good find.

  12. i would have paid $60 for it, in fact, i'll give you $'s gorgeous...

  13. That is a lot of dirt in oned quilt., LOL. It is really pretty. The green still looks so good. Enjnoy it.