Friday, July 13, 2012

Enjoying the scenery

We went biking this morning down to the Deschutes River. Debbie hadn't been on a bike for 38 yrs. Bravo to her! We are getting excited for the picnic tonight in Sisters and the show tomorrow!


  1. So what is happening in this picture? Begging you not to take it?

    Have fun!
    Happy sewing

  2. 38 years? I was feeling bad that I haven't been on my bike this summer. I don't feel bad now. : )

  3. You changed photos. What is going on? : )

  4. Just catching up on your posts....and I went waayy back to when you were talking about remembering passwords/usernames. I have started using my old addresses for passwords. They have the numbers and letters required. IF you really need a cap, throw that in too. I use an old favorite address for the password for most accounts...when that has to be changed, i move to a 2nd favorite address. SO if my 1st attempt to put in a password doesn't work, I k now which one to try next.....