Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lots of baby time!

Since my daughter had her baby nearly 2 weeks ago, I've spent almost all my time at her house, trying to help out. It's been fabulous.  I've really enjoyed the time, which is very special and fleeting!  Yesterday, my daughter came down to our house for an appointment she'd arranged with a photographer she's used before.  This is just one of the pictures I took with my phone...I haven't yet seen what the photographer took but this one is my favorites:

 I can't figure out how to turn the picture, but you get the idea!

One of the other benefits has been all the time I've spent with Ryan. Yesterday I took him to the park and had to snap a picture. Generally the weather in San Francisco in the summer is cold and foggy. But yesterday was picture perfect!

Mark and I are heading up to Sunriver later today for the week so I expect to get lots of sewing done!

And don't forget that the next Sow-A-Long blocks are going to be posted on Wednesday!!  BE READY!!

Love to you all,


  1. How adorable! I love when they pose the babies nakey :)

  2. Both children are just beautiful!! You are so very lucky!

  3. Precious!
    I know all that time with the kids
    has been a blast but a week to rest
    sounds divine.

    Love the pictures....
    Happy Sewing Nana

  4. You are all so BLESSED ... beautiful, healthy and happy children. Makes my heart smile ;-) Enjoy your time at Sunriver. My hubby is coming to visit at our Traverse City, MI home ~ we've been apart for 6 weeks and it seems like forever ... can't wait to see him! Have a great Labor Day weekend, Randy!

  5. I love that picture of your beautiful little grandaughter. How can you keep your hands off of her? I would be holding her non stop. :)
    And of course Ryan is adorable as always. What does he think of the baby?

  6. Very special picture of the new grandbaby. So precious.
    I tried to get my Sow-Along blocks made today--they are all cut out. But I had apparently cut something wrong and I had to unpick it twice and try again, and again. I'll give it another go tonight.
    Enjoy Sunriver. A week to relax and sew--I wonder what that would feel like. : )

  7. Such a cute little baby - I'm anxious to see more pictures. And what does Ryan think of this new addition to the family? Glad you had time to enjoy them both.

  8. Looks like we are in just about the same place in our lives. My daughter just had a little girl and I spend most of my time helping her with Lillian the two year old and the Evelyn the new baby. Yes, you are so right this time is precious and so fleeting. Your grandchildren are precious. Such cute pictures.

  9. You are probably missing them both already!!

  10. OMG Randy, what a shot! I'm so glad you are getting to spend this speciaal time with your family and Grandkids. How wonderful! cheers, CW

  11. OOOOO, Congrats!!! Your granddaughter is a vision of loveliness! Just an angel! Ahhhh, nothing is better than a grandbaby!

  12. Congrats!!! So precious! I finally am all caught up!! All my blocks are on my blog today. Feels good even for a couple of days to be waiting on the next ones and not worrying about finishing!! Have a great rest of your holiday weekend!! (How many blocks are there going to be in all?)