Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Wednesday of September....Sow-A-Long Day

I cannot believe it's September already. If I had kids in school, I'd really be in shock.  As it is, I can feel the change in the weather up here in Sunriver, where the mornings are 32*, I kid you not!!  I went for a bike ride today and thought the view from the river was just gorgeous. It's 80* during the days; cool at night! I think this is one of my most favorite views here in Sunriver. So serene and peaceful.

Anyway, on to the blocks, which I know you're very excited to get started on!

Pinwheels and Sawtooth:

Center pinwheel:
medium:  cut (2) 3" squares
dark:       cut (2) 3" squares, making 4 hsts, 2-1/2" unfit, 2" fin.

Outer border (making 20 hsts, 1-1/2" unfin, 1" fin)
background:  cut (10) 2" squares
darks/meds:  cut (10) 2" squares

Mystery Flower Garden:

background:  cut (2) 3" squares, cut ONCE on the diagonal
med 1:        cut (1) 3-1/4" square, cut TWICE on the diagonal
med 2:        cut (1) 3-1/4" square, cut TWICE on the diagonal

1/4 sq triangles:
star points:   cut (2) 3-1/4" squares, cut TWICE on the diagonal
med 3:        cut (1) 3-1/4" squares, cut TWICE on the diagonal
med 4:        cut (1) 3-1/4" squares, cut TWICE on the diagonal

medium:      cut (1) 2-1/2" square

Tic Tac Toe:
This block consists of 4 small blocks, all different fabrics. There are TWO 9-patches and TWO monkey wrenches.  

Monkey Wrench- make (2) different sets. Instructions are for ONE
Background:   Cut (2) 2" squares, 
Dark:            cut (2) 2" squares, making 4 hsts, 1-1/2" unf, 1" fin.
Dark:            cut (1) 1-1/2" square (center)
background:  cut (4) 1-1/2" squares 

9-patches - make (2) different sets. Instructions are for ONE
Background:  cut (4) 1-1/2" squares
dark:           cut (5) 1-1/2" squares

That's it! Hope you are still having fun!  We are going to be making blocks for only 4 more months, to the end of the year. Can you believe you've done so many? I counted 43 on my spreadsheet! It's going to be a great quilt!

Thanks for following along.
Love to you all,


  1. OH, I wish I had started this one with you! I may have to go back and find all of it to do. I'm crazy about samplers.

  2. Thank you Randy for the blocks! I am off today so hope to get them cut and maybe sewn together! I am all up to date and that felt really good this morning!!

    The picture of the river is simply beautiful! It is still smokin' hot here in Texas, over 100 again today!! Hopefully fall is just around the corner!!

    Have a great day and a great week! My blocks are all posted on my blog this past week!! It has been a lot of fun!

  3. YEAH 1st WEDNESDAY!!! Thanks Randy. I'm so excited to be adding to my "Scrap-terpiece." When I joined, my premise was that I would always try to use my pre-cut squares and bonus triangles first, before cutting into fabric (although I have plenty to pick from). It has really been fun to see what I have "in the bank" and come up with something lovely. Last month I had to make two sets of the darting birds as they were just so cute I couldn't decide which colors I wanted. This month, Pinwheels Sawtooth is sending me "double desires" in colors too Hugs!

    1. Just had to add...the Tic Tac Toe is just so DARN cute and tiny!! LOVE

  4. Thanks Randy! I just love the blocks. Amy in Wisconsin

  5. Love these blocks! As usual, I was caught up for 2 whole days!

  6. Gorgeous view, Randy. I bet it can be hard to leave that place.
    Love these blocks. I'm home today, with plenty to do, but I want to see what progress I can make on these and not be playing catch-up again next month with six unfinished blocks hanging over me. : )
    Thanks for the heads-up on how much longer we will be sowing. It is good to be able to plan ahead when "gardening".

  7. I have just signed up to follow. I wish I had been sewing along with you for all of the blocks. They look like fun.

    I see that you have a new granddaughter too. How fun!!! Isn't it great?

    Your picture of Sunriver is gorgeous!

  8. The picture of the river is wonderful, so peaceful!
    Great blocks, Randy!

    Carolyn :)

  9. Oh Randy, 32 degrees wow. But the River looks beautiful as usual. I wish I were there! How log are you in Sun River? I will be in SC Sat. to Tues. Will you be around? Great blocks this week, I will make a stab at making them when I get home. cheers, CW

  10. Is that the spot where the fishing pole went in the water? Ahhhh, cool weather! Almost here in the Midwest!

  11. Wonderful blocks! Wonderful view too! I could use a little of that serenity about now. My twin boys started kindergarten two weeks ago and are still pretty hyped up from it.

  12. I found you via Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville and started doing the Sow Along, because I wanted to improve my piecing skills and use up some of my CW stash. So far I've got all of September's blocks done, but I have to say, that Pinwheels and Sawtooth was definitely the most challenging with lining up all those intersecting seams!!! I'm going to try and blog it later this week.
    Now I just have to backtrack and do the other months. I'm looking forward to the first Wednesday in October!!!