Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random act of kindness

I went into Whole Foods yesterday for dinner fixings. When I went to pay for the $16.07 of groceries, I realized I'd left my wallet in my other purse. Large store that it is, they were reluctant to accept my check without my id. 
I was just starting to write the check when a woman from the next aisle plopped a $20 bill down at my register, saying she was going to buy my groceries!! 
I was amazed. I wasn't even crying or screaming!! 

Confirms my long held belief that what goes around comes around!
My words for the day: do something nice and unexpected today for a complete stranger!! Maybe you already do that everyday anyway!!


  1. :0) Love it.
    It is true, just keep putting good karma out there in the world and it comes back to you.
    That is one reason I love being a hospital volunteer, I get the chanced every week.

    Happy Sewing

  2. I love to do "random acts" ... I don't always get to see their faces or the result of it ... but the great feeling I get myself is enough to warm my soul. How kind of her to help you .... God bless her (and you)! Linda

    PS to Kim ... I am thinking of becoming a volunteer at our local hospital ... this might just be the push I needed!

  3. I know you do! You are an incredibly kind, caring person, Randy. Yes, what goes around comes around!

  4. Hurrah!! I am so glad...we can all now pay it forward!!! I love to do this...the other day a man forgot his wallet at the store...but he would not let me pay. Pride goeth before melted ice cream...I think that is a famous saying, right?


  5. What a nice thing to do. Sometimes it seems like everybody only cares about themselves but that is not true! There are a lot of good people out there. Thanks for reminding me to do my bit and help where I can.

  6. Despite what we are constantly bombarded with via the internet, TV, radio & press....I still believe there are plenty of good people out in the world. How wonderful that your day was blessed with one of these good people.

  7. I had some one do that for me one time when I was short on cash and started to put stuff back, I will never forget that!

  8. Yepper I do try to do something if the opportunity arises, I know that it will go around again cause I have made that person believe in humanity again, one person at a time.
    So glad you have met up with someone that wears the silent cap!!

  9. I saw this young woman get off the tram and give an elderly woman that was sitting alone on the front of the tram a bouquet of roses, the woman looked surprised and the young woman told her "enjoy!" This young one was dressed in goth attire complete with lots of piercing, tattoos. It was lovely to observe that. Enjoy your groceries.