Thursday, January 30, 2014

Someone loves Halloween and embroidery

These quilts are amazing!!  Leisa does gorgeous embroidery-- not sure you can tell from the pictures!


  1. I guess she loves Halloween. I have seen all of these quilts made up before--but not all three by the same person! She has done beautiful work!! : )

  2. Oh my goodness.....the hours of work!
    I hope she has someone planned to love and care for them in the future after all that work!

    Happy Sewing, and what are you working on?

  3. Love Crabapple Hill Studio quilts!

  4. I made the first one too. At least the top. After we moved the basement flooded and the black ran and I had to toss it. Seeing her beautiful quilt, makes me want to remake it. Maybe someday. Thanks for sharing, those are fun quilts.

  5. Every time I think I'm OK with what I'm doing -- with nothing missing in my sewing/quilting life -- then I see a post like this, with these whimsical, fun, challenging quilts with all that adorable embroidery, and I know that I need more embroidery in my life. I just LOVE these projects! and I'm familiar with many of the designs.
    Oh dear. Now I have to do some serious pattern shopping. I won't be able to get these out of my mind till I line up some patterns to do, sooner rather than later. Thanks a lot, Randy !! :)