Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pincushion exchange

One of the fun things we did in Georgia was participate in a pin cushion exchange. The pressure was on to make something unique and special since everyone does such amazing and creative work.
It was great fun! The "latte" is actually a pin cushion, complete with coffee beans!
Mine is the first one I'm showing, made with wool from a Bird Brain design.
The next step in the bullseye quilt will be posted tomorrow! I'm still unpacking!
And we had the darlings overnight!! 


  1. Wow, those pin cushions are great!

  2. Some amazing pincushions there!
    Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Such creative pin cushions. Wonder how long it took for a couple of them to come up with their idea. Having one would be a special reminder of your retreat.

  4. Great idea -- a reminder of your retreat that's both cute and useful. The design you chose to make is so pretty, and knowing coffee beans were inside--I'd head for that one!
    The jelly roll looks like my idea for a pincushion. I'd be willing to spend the extra money and take the time to go shopping -- no creativity pressure involved. That's the part that always gets me. My version of creativity sitting right next to others' creativity.

  5. I ,love pincushions! I make them and share them .LOL There was a wonderful variety of pincushions on that table. A great way to remember this retreat. Welcome home.