Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alternative bullseye setting

I was playing around with a different way to set these little blocks and found something I kind of like.

Here is the original pieced block, with everything meeting.

This is with the blocks turned around and some "solid" 4-1/2" squares down the center.
I kind of like it!

Maybe we need a Linky thing to show everyone's work!!


  1. Wow, I like the alternate setting way better than the circles! How fun!

  2. Very cool, Randy. Looks like the bunting on the front of a political rally platform, with all of the R/W/B in it. I think it is a cool design. You could do a Drunkard's Path setting, too. Pepper Cory has lots of ideas for settings with a curve pieced block. You are on to something with this Bulls-eye way of making them. : )

  3. It's pretty cool. For now, however, I'm going with the original look. It's something to keep in mind though!

  4. Oh No. Now I have to make two cause I like them both. Thaznks for the great idea.

  5. This is beautiful and thanks for showing all those quilts below - so inspirational! xCathy (Giveaway at mine!?)