Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quilt patterns everywhere

I've been spending lots of time with the 2 darlings so I've barely sewn let alone been able to write a blog post. Rest assured in still around and am well.
This morning, I was taking the darling Emma for a walk in Santa Cruz along the ocean and happened on a guy doing some kind of sand art! 
Oh and this is Miss Emma, anxious to hop back into the pool, shoes and all! 
Hope everyone is well and sewing away!!


  1. Cool sand art. But That sweet baby is so adorable. My girls would have been in the pool clothes, shoes, and all. In fact my youngest droveher cozy coupe into the big pool shortly after we moved to Florida. She didn't knowhow to swim, but she held her breath and Daddy dived in to pull her out. Course Mama(me) nearly had a heart attack when she got home from work and found out. (Just breath)

  2. Oh Miss Emma! What a cutie :0).....I know you are having fun with her!
    Love the sand art looks amazing, wonder if he was doing it for himself or to take pictures for some reason?

    Happy Sewing when you can get to it again :0)

  3. I'm out of town as well, and not getting much sewing done, but sweet little ones come first.
    Miss Emma is adorable, and that sand art is amazing. Great Kodak moment to document it--and then it's gone.

  4. That is so cute of Emma! : )
    Wow, that sand art is really something!

  5. Emma is the Cutest!! She probably thought it would be more fun with her shoes and everything on! The sand art was amazing. That looks like a lot of work to then be washed away! (I am assuming the tide would come in that far?)

  6. Oh what a cutie! I thought Emma had her jammies on! lol But I suppose kids will swim in anything! The Sand art is interesting a really beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen one so symmetrical?! cheers, CW

  7. Very cool! Tell Emma I to jump right in! LOL!