Friday, May 30, 2014

Sewing time, finally

Our son's girlfriend Julia is from Germany and her family came to California to visit her.  Can't come to California to visit and NOT go up to Sunriver.

So yesterday we drove up and are going to enjoy a wonderful long weekend enjoying the beautiful Central Oregon weather and scenery.

How's that related to quilting??

Well, the VERY good news is that I am finally going to get to spend some time with my dear dear friend Bonnie, who is flying in on Tuesday.  We are going to be at the house in Sunriver BY OURSELVES all week, until she needs to be in Portland on Sunday.  WOOHOO.

We are even going to see Lori on Friday at the First Friday event in downtown Bend.

So, watch for some amazing posts coming up...

Yes, I do remember how to turn on my machine (well, I hope so!).  Recently I went to put on a binding and made a mistake on one of the corners.  UGH...


  1. Oh! That sounds like fun! A whole week to spend together and I guessing some sewing time too!

  2. Don't worry, Randy. If you can't recall how to turn on the machine, I'm sure Bonnie can help you! : )
    Sounds like some quality girlfriend/quilting time! Enjoy!!

  3. We can read the excitement in your post. Can you read our anticipation of your next post in our comments? You are killing me with suspense!! Enjoy it and take lots of pictures please!! :^)

  4. Say hi to Bonnie, I hope you girls have a wonderful time. In a few short weeks you'll be here...with us...where you belong. vbg