Thursday, June 5, 2014

Almost done but still cozy

Bonnie sets a fast pace to get quilts done!! Not only do I have to use a 1/4" seam, I have to try to keep up!! Vbg
Actually, she's great to have across the dining room table as we feverishly sew away!! I'm almost done with my X's and O's quilt and have it on the floor as I lay it out. Max always seems to want to lie on the top, even with a whole room of carpeting available! Only 4 more rows to go!!! 
This is a Quiltmania pattern ( my friend Pat Riley worked up as a swap amongst 12 of us. The little 4-patches started as 1-1/4" strips trimmed down to 1-1/2" after construction. Tiny pieces!! 


  1. Max thinks it is cozy already!! I love the patterns in Quiltmania! Bonnie must sew 'feverishly', she gets so many quilts done, so quickly!

  2. I love your quilt!! Glorious in all it's tiny it!! Have fun you ladies!!

  3. I'm sure Max thinks you are spreading a blanket for his nap. He knows how thoughtful you are. : )

  4. GOOOORRRRGEOUS quilt! With Max as the model, it is easy to see how small those 4 patches are. AMAZING! Great work. Great company too. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Randy
    I follow your blog as well as Bonnie and Lori's blog. What a wonderful sewing time together.
    I love your quilt top from Quiltmania. I'm sure you are so done with it and ready to move on. Love how you spun all the back intersections too. I did click on the link for it above in this post but I don't think I found it. You had said that a friend altered it? Anyway, where can I find the basic directions for this little gem?