Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sewing during the naps

We have been in Sunriver with Emma and Ryan, and it's been so much fun. It is a treat to have grandkids filling our Oregon house with laughter and toys! 
Especially poignant for me is that Ryan is now riding the little bike all 3 of our kids rode. It was a very amazing bike we got from Rachel's preschool--- she will be 36 this fall!! 
Ryan is loving it!

Emma has spotted a rock she likes to plop onto:

We have bikes of course (there are miles of bike trails here) and we got this trailer when Ryan was little! They both love going for bike rides. What a difference putting air in its tires makes!!! 

This leaves little time for sewing. I've been at my machine for an hour or so a day, during their naps, working on this swap from a few years ago. It is a beautiful quilt that I've found very daunting---I'm not very good at curved piecing!!

It's an Edyta Sitar pattern.

This is my one sample block! 

I'm enjoying working on the arcs though!

It's one of my projects for our retreat time when Lori (Humblequilts) and Claire (musing of an eclectic quilter) arrive next week after my family leaves and before the Sisters Quilt Show.


  1. Mason (youngest of 3 boys and now 22) loved the book, "Goofy's Big Adventure". Goofy would say, "slow and steady, steady and slow that's the way to go."
    Slow and steady girlfriend!

  2. Cute photos of the grands. Good times!
    Wow--I love the quilt you are working on. Curved seams take some getting used to, don't they? I haven't done them in a long time and I have a feeling that I will have to go through the learning curve (pun NOT intended) again next time I have to make them.
    Looking forward to reports of your retreat and the Sisters show!! Used to think I'd get there someday, but I'm not so sure anymore, so I'll enjoy it through you. : )

  3. That IS a very daunting quilt but oh so beautiful. I am positive that once you finish this quilt, curves will no longer be scary for you. So enjoy the journey.

  4. The kids are growing up! I know you are having a ball with them.
    Paper piecing equals tedious to me.......beautiful results but the process :0(
    NOT FOR ME. Good luck with it.

    Happy Nana time

  5. I have that pattern! You quilt is amazing already!

  6. Sister's is the Best Quilt Show time. I'll miss going this year. Cute Grands. It's nice you saved the toys for the Grands.

  7. So much fun with the little ones around! But they keep you busy! Love the quilt you are working on! I have not tried any curved piecing yet, but I sure like that pattern.

  8. Love your 911 block. I only have 6 blocks done and haven't worked on it for almost a year. You give me that incentive to want to get it out. Just remember, on those curves, "Butt" down! It'll make the biggest difference. Have fun with Lori and Claire next week, but in the mean time, have a blast with Ryan and Emma!

  9. Ryan and Emma are getting so big! And as always theyare adorable. LOve your sample block. Looks like you have curved piecing all under control

  10. So sweet your Grandson can enjoy a bike which his Mother rode.

    Beautiful beginnings for a quilt

  11. What a great quilt you're working on! The one I did like that took me FOREVER! I know you are having a great time with the kiddos.

  12. PS, Love your new header! I'm only just now noticing!

  13. Darling kiddos! That quilt is going to be gorgeous!! But it's not something to whip up in a short time.