Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New quilting project

There is a new quilting project starting today called the "Row by Row Experience."  I learned about it from my friend Pat in Wisconsin.

There are lots of stores which are participating.  Each store has designed a row and the pattern is available in each store starting today through the end of August.  You can read all about it at

There are prizes too.  If you sew together 8 rows and bring them to one of the participating stores, you are eligible to win 25 fat quarters.

For those of you who are Facebook junkies, each state has a Facebook page and you can "friend" the state. 

Not only that but each of the stores has designed a fabric made to look like a license plate!  They are selling that fabric.  I, for one, can't wait to get my Wisconsin license plates!!

I can't wait to stop at some of the stores in Central Oregon to start working on my rows!

I think this is such a fun idea.  I hope you will participate and definitely share the rows and patterns you collect!


  1. I've been thinking about this, but I may just have to collect patterns for another time. I'm pretty sure I won't get the rows made in time for the deadline and I am so far behind on this year's goals! : )

  2. Oh thanks Randy--My Ct LQS is participating...will have to have some of that fabric for sure!! (fabric diet? WHAT fabric diet?? I just used up almost all of my scraps= need more fabric!) Hahaha Hugs, Julierose

  3. Thanks, I am going to check that out!

  4. I have seen a few rows on facebook and like that some of them are very unique! Not your typical rbr.

  5. Of course this starts today I just got back from a 2000K mile road trip in 6 states!
    I knew about from quilt guild :0)

    Happy Sewing

  6. I am going to look into that one too...I know our local quilt shop is participating.

  7. Only 3 in my area within an hour's drive. None in my town. I was in Utah where I could have gotten some last week. Too early for that. :( They say we can't share.

  8. sounds like a very fun project!
    thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I am participating in the Michigan experience ... kudos to the "planners" of this ... must have been a huge undertaking and it's so neat to be able to see which shops are participating and what their "row" pattern looks like. Makes me want to go to shops I've never thought about visiting ... road trips???