Monday, July 14, 2014

Quilt purchases

Our first stop at the antique quilt booth was a big success. We brought our quilts back home and laid them out on my bed to admire. I think we all loved what we bought.

I bought this one and just love it. It's even  brighter now after I washed it! 

 Back side and quilting detail

This one is so sweet!! Not a ton of quilting but the appliqué is great!

Lori found this gem and it's awesome! Great quilting and wonderful design!

Lori's other find! 

Very interesting design!

The quilter embroidered her name on the front. I really like the idea!

This is beautiful!

Very unusual fabrics and great piecing, although we couldn't decide if it was pieced or appliquéd. 

I still need to show you quilts from the show... Coming next along with the winner of my giveaway. Stay tuned!!!


  1. Those are some special quilts! What fun!

  2. Amazing quilts, love the fabric and design of the last one.

  3. Beautiful quilts, every one of them.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the pics of the beautiful quilts. I have enjoyed looking at them on this post and your post.

  5. GOOOORRRRGEOUS eye-candy each and every single one of them. Thank you soooo much for sharing.

  6. Your quilts are gorgeous! My favorite picture is the fourth one - your puppy is peeking over the bed. Too cute!!! :)

  7. Wonderful quilts!! I find the last one very interesting. I was going to ask if it was pieced or appliqued.