Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whimsical quilts

Yesterday I ventured into the quilt shops in Bend pre quilt show to see the displays. Quiltworks in Brnd has a monthly quilt show in their upstairs. This month is whimsical quilts and I think you'll enjoy looking at these, just for a change of pace!

Lori arrived late afternoon and we have our machines humming away already! Of course she has finished a top in no time! I'm sure she will post a picture.

It's been very hot in Sunriver so we are off for an early walk!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these quilts! If they have this every month, and you happen to go, please post pictures again. I think my favorite is the one of the ladies at the beach, but the cowgirls on the fence watching the rodeo is a very close second! :)

  2. There must be a group of prolific quilters in the area for a quilt shop to have a monthly display of quilts. These are great fun, full of whimsy.
    Enjoy your quilting time with Lori.

  3. These quilts are all so great!! How could decide on one to vote for? I would be there forever trying to decide!

  4. Fun quilts. I hear it's screaming hot in Sisters, I'm packing up and heading your way tomorrow. Hopefully I will see you and Lori in town on Saturday!

  5. What cute quilts. I do love the cowgirls on the fence.

  6. just made me smile! what a great idea for a quilt exhibit! just fun
    thanks for sharing

  7. Sweet, so much imagination!
    Have fun sewing with your friends :0)
    Enjoy the show and get us all some good pictures too.