Thursday, July 24, 2014

New favorite vintage machine

I have been a true Bernina lover forever, owning several vintage machines including the 932,  the 1080, 1130, the 1260 and an 830.  A couple of years ago I broadened my horizons and acquired a Singer 301 mostly for my friend DarLynn, who raves about this. I hadn't really used it very much (I'm not sure I ever did more than turn it on!) until recently when Bonnie and I spent a week together last month and she rejected the Berninas in place of the 301. 
I figured if it's good enough for her, I'd have to give it a try. Claire opted for it as well over the Bernina. Let me tell you that if you want a machine that sews fast, this is the one for you!! And you can get one on eBay for under $200 (my sewing machine guy has a couple for sale now, if you're interested!)

I've really enjoyed it!!

As for what I've been working on, let me show you some of the blocks:

My friend Debbie had bought all the fabric and pattern years ago but never really loved it so she gave me all the strips and pieces last month. I've almost got it all together and will post the finished product later this week, hopefully. I've got a UFO in mind to give her when I go back to Wisconsin next month!! It's only fair, don't you agree??


  1. Oh wow--I would definitely be interested in a Singer 301--my Helga (a Viking newer pretty expensive model!!) just pulls my fabric every which way with those widely spaced feed dogs...your blocks are just so darn pretty--and the points match--and yours actually have POINTS!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. Such a pretty UFO you are finishing. I do think you should find one that you do not love and share it with Debbie.;)

  3. I think my daughter had one of those machines until she recently got my MIL's former machine. I wonder if she still has it somewhere?
    That is a very fun quilt you are making. Like it lots! : )

  4. I sure like those blocks your are working on and the pattern! I might have to look around for a 301!

  5. Love your star and 4 patch block. Love Debbie's choice of fabric. Can't wait to see it completed.
    I have always had a Singer and so was my Mom and Grandmom, until 5-6 years ago, I got myself a Janome. Love it too but still prefer Singer and not the newer models either, anything before the 80's is better. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Randy

    Glad you like the 301. That was on my list of machines that I wanted to have someday. It was on the someday list....I looked on ebay a number of times, scoured thrift stores for months as I'd pass through. Had the word out to a gal that checks out donated machines to St Vincent (a place like Goodwill). She oils and greases the donated machines. I asked her to watch out for a 301 months ago.

    Just this past weekend I went to one of those conducted household estate sales. This was the second weekend and items were all at 75% off. I was there early as I was interested in a wooden spice box. It was there and I scooped it up.

    Then I went in the basement of the place. There was a beige 301A on the floor now selling for $12.
    What? Really? I was so excited, I mean kind of beside myself. Got it home and it did have a book and 4 boxes of attachments too. I ran it for a few stitches then started oiling and lubing.

    Ran it more and more and now she sings! I am still so excited at the find and acquisition.

    This was ultimately inspired by Bonnie who I read daily. I just really wanted one. I am so pleased to have been at the right place at the right time.

    Glad you have one also and are enjoying it. Sew on!

  7. A 301A is on "my list" and will join my machine "stable" someday ... hopefully, soon! LOVE those fabrics and that pattern ... looks wonderful and cannot wait to see it finished. Sure to be a BEAUTY! Question: If she loves it when it's done do you have to give it back? LOL

  8. Hey Randy, the blocks look great! I did not actually look at the pattern picture when you were sewing on it; but, I see now that secondary pattern when you put the blocks together is very cool! Can't wait to see it! cheers, CW