Saturday, September 6, 2014

A four patch masterpiece

I saved this for its own post. My friend Debbie Dodge gladly accepted DarLynn's "reject" 4-patches (they were extras, actually) and put them together into this wonderful quilt. Debbie does amazing appliqué!!

I love it..

I went to Claire's this week and brought along a bag of salvages to sew into something. I'll bet you'll never guess what I'm making!!! If someone comes up with the answer, you'll win a couple of patterns!! Hint: it's not huge!!

Hopefully I'll get it done by Sunday night!! 

I babysat all 3 darlings yesterday and finally got a picture of all 3!! It's not the best picture but Atleast it's one picture!!

Couldn't resist Emma "talking" on my phone!!


  1. Oh they are so cute and so busy I'll bet--love that phone gal!! hugs, --that quilt is amazing! Julierose

  2. The applique makes this four patch stand out. Very good use of left over blocks.

  3. Gorgeous Quilt! She did a wonderful job. I made two heart pincushions once out of selvages. I'll pick pincushions!

  4. That quilt is beautiful. The three look so adorable together. The picture of Emma on the phone is just so adorable.

  5. My pick for the selvages is a tote bag ... they're easy to do. That quilt is exquisite! My jaw dropped when I saw it ... BEAUTIFUL! What can one say about those beautiful children {{{sigh}}} ... just down right kissable!!

  6. Love pretty quilts made from someone else's scraps (or rejects). This is a beauty!
    Are you making a bag? I don't need anymore patterns--just wondered if I could guess correctly. : )
    Love Emma on the phone.

  7. The kids really look a lot alike. Love Debbie's quilt!! Are you making a pin cushion? I don't need a thing more in my sewing room though:)

  8. The grandkids are lovely.

    How about a small sewing case with little pockets and a pincushion inside!

    Carole Y. from Canada

  9. Adorable pictures! Precious days with grand babies!

  10. I love the 4 patch quilt and would like to know more about its construction! Your grandchildren are adorable!
    Terri in Texas