Sunday, August 31, 2014

Retreat time

I went to Wisconsin last week for a retreat with my friends there. It's always so awesome to hang out with such a great group of women who always make me feel so welcome! This time I even had a bucket of ice dumped on me but more on that later!

This group of women is very talented as well as prolific! I have trouble keeping up with them.

Here are some of the things they made, which I suspect you will find very inspiring!

Close up of Peggy's Under the Big Top. Lori did a sew a long of this block recently. This was a swap with my friends-- mine remains in baggies but I do know where they are!

Peggy is a doll and has the best sense of humor, next to Bonnie, who can be seen here with a can of whipped cream down her throat-- yes there is a story but it's too long to relate here:

Back to quilts:

Bonnie made this top from a swap we all did last year. I love how she sashed it.  Here is mine, which I just finished (and am crossing it off my list):

Amazing how different sashing and borders change the appearance!

Here is part of a quilt DarLynn was working on for Pat's booth at the Madison Expo. If you are near Madison, don't miss the show! Wish I could go!!

It is a variation of the bullseye pattern...Pat designed this pattern, which I'm pretty sure she'll have kitted up and selling at Expo!

This was a mystery we all did last year. This top was done by a darling young newlywed we call Winnie. She's young and sews us all under the table!! Vbg. Mine is in baggies, too!! 

Tamra got challenged to be dumped with ice water and proceeded to challenge Pat, who proceeded to challenge Debbie, DarLynn and I. I felt like we were lined up for execution!! It was fun and honestly it was so darn hot and humid, I didn't mind the cold water!!

I got to meet Lori on Friday in Bend and we needed something to drink after a hard morning of shopping!! It's always so great to get together!!

I thought you'd enjoy this new picture of the darling Emma: she's now 2 and is talking more and more! In fact, she tore apart a little book and when her sitter asked her who had done it, the darling girl said it was "Nana"!!!! Hahaha


  1. Oh Emma is such a cutie! Loving those quilt--"Under the Big top" is absolutely amazing! Talk about HST-eria!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. Looks like an amazing retreat, great projects that were shown. Oh Emma is SO adorable!

  3. The red and white quilt is a beauty. And I never made one of the Big Top quilts but find them so very interesting. I meant to do it.

  4. The quilts are so amazing. You all are so fast and so talented.
    Emma is so adorable. Love her long blond hair. And Nana do not tear up any more books. ;) LOL

  5. Looks like some fun quilts and great finishes!! Emma is adorable!

  6. What would we do without baggies?
    You and Lori must have been Really thirsty! : )
    Looks like you had a good time among a group of talented ladies--who take their whipped cream straight!

  7. I love the bows in Emma's hair, remember those days fondly putting bows in my DD's hair!
    great projects, its amazing what you and your friends get done during these retreats, great quilts here. love the mystery and that bullseye is fun, a quilt I have wanted to make for a long time. Love the comparison of your quilt and Bonnies from the swap last year, Always nice to see the same block laid out a bit different and of course fabric choices make a difference too. What size are the strips you used
    I may need to make that too :)
    thanks for sharing always fun to see what you and your friends do at your retreats

  8. THESE QUILTS ARE SPECTACULAR.....LOVE LOVE LOVE the many many colors & patterns! GORGEOUS!!!!!! thank you much for sharing ;D