Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A little bit of sewing

We are spending the week with Emma and Ryan up in Sunriver! What a treat!! Lots of bike riding and swimming! We feel so lucky to be able to take them with us for a week's vacation!
Baby Jack is still a little too young but maybe next summer!!

I started these blocks ages ago and am working on them during nap time!

I love brown and blue together!!


  1. Oh how cute are your grandchildren--what fun for a week!!
    i do like blue/brown square in a square--looking neat...hugs, Julierose

  2. What a fun vacation!
    Love blue and brown together, too. Great blocks! How large are they, and how many do you plan to make?

  3. what a great vacation! enjoy making those memories…I love these blocks and I agree brown and blue together great combo. are you paper piecing them? what size are they????

  4. I usually think of brown and pink. I do believe that I now have to collect more browns for a blue and brown quilt. I love your fabrics.

  5. Oh how could I forget saying how adorable the grands look!!!??? They are growing so fast fast. Seems it was such a short time ago that Emma was the baby.

  6. Have a fun time with the Grands. I like Blue and Brown combo as well. Gotta make a quilt with it for the next Grand coming in my family!

  7. What a fun week! I love the blocks too!

  8. How fun to have your grandchildren for the week! They will definitely keep you busy! I am glad you had a few quiet moments to sew. I love your blue and brown blocks! A great color combination.

  9. Oh look at those faces, I know you are just having a ball with the grandbabies.
    You have to be the luckiest Nana around! Love the picture of them waiting for their ride.

    Happy Summer Dear Randy and thanks for the paying it forward to my house :0)
    it made my day, week and probably month! Big Hugs to you!

  10. Love brown and blue together, my favorite combination.

    Boy, those Grands are cute, enjoy.