Thursday, October 16, 2014

Downton Abbey costumes

When we were in Philadelphia our friends took us to the Winterthur Museum in estate-like grounds. We went to see the Downton Abbey costumes on display and were pleasantly surprised by another exhibit!!

Recognize any of these??!! 

And the surprise exhibit??
Amazing embroidery!

The gardens were also amazing:

This used to be a pool 

Next up will be pictures from the latest Wisconsin retreat! And after that?? There's a fabulous  quilt show this weekend nearby so I'm sure I'll have lots of photos!


  1. I'm probably the last person on earth who hasn't seen Downton Abbey, so the costumes don't look familiar to me, but they are beautiful. : )
    I really like the embroidery--and the gardens.
    You always have so much fun going on!

    1. Haha, I'd be the second person who hasn't seen this show. Cool clothes though.

  2. Love both places and have been on a behind the scenes tour in the gardens and all the green houses.
    Glad you got to see them !
    Only a few more months until Downton Abbey is back for the next season :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Thanks for sharing the Comstumes! The quilts are very interesting too. I Love Downton!

  4. Love the show and I have seen some of those clothes (well probably all, but I don't remember them all). The needle work is amazing. I would probably still be inspecting them. LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh that was very pleasant to look at. I love Downton Abby. Thank you so much for sharing. The embroidery and the gardens were cherries on the cake.

  6. wonderful embroidery, and a fabulous location, thanks for sharing them with us