Monday, December 8, 2014

Antique quilt collection

Will has a friend here in Paris who collects antique quilts! Imagine seeing antique quilts from the U.S. In Paris of all places!!
Charles is a collector of beautiful quilts in one of the most spectacular apartments in Paris that I've ever seen. When we were leaving, Will was joking (maybe not) that she should have an apartment like that! We all should be so lucky!!
Actually Charles was a charming host and what a treat to meet him! Thanks to Will for bringing me along!!

Remember that Paris apartments are usually very small-- not this one!!

I loved this one!

His favorite is a log cabin-- you'll see why

I love this album pattern 

Log cabin of course 

This was in the living room with two large floor to windows overlooking the Seine with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance! More log cabins

A hallway 

This hexagon top was in the entryway! I loved it!

Close up

This was in a bedroom- the blue and red quilt on the wall is one of my favorites 

Close up 

Other wall in bedroom 

Close up

I have more to show you but it'll have to wait until Wednesday. We fly home tomorrow!

Just so you know where I went:
We passed under tonight after dinner and I still have to pinch myself!!

Life is good!


  1. Great insulation! LOL Wow! What a terrific collection of quilts.

  2. Fabulous quilts - thanks so much for posting! My favourite is the EPP hexagon - so sweet.

  3. I was on Will blog admiring these quilts and I truly appreciate you showing us some more quilts! There are sooooo amazing. I love EPP so I appreciate you took a close up. Gorgeous! Also love the blue and red one. The next picture, the one on the right (don't know the name of the block) you took a close up is just adorable. The quilting wow! Is it hand quilting ? I love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I love Paris!
    Do you think these were French made or American made?
    What a spectacular collection!

    Happy Sewing

  5. Oh my, so many fantastic quilts.

  6. Wow! He really does have a wonderful collection! Thank you so much for sharing these quilts with us!

  7. My goodness, what collection! Such a wonderful show--thanks for sharing it with us.
    Oooo, the tower looks beautiful!

  8. Oh my God...I guess you were on Paradise in this apartment !! It's an extraordinary collection and thank you so much to share it with us !
    I have no favourite ...... they are all gorgeous !
    One question please : are they american quilts ?

  9. I want to go and live with Will in that apartment with those quilts .... FOREVER!! {{{grin}}}

  10. Beautiful quilts! Hard to beat that blue and white combination.

  11. What a great post! Love those US quilts. All so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels home!

  12. What a fabulous quilt showing and your trip must have been awesome!