Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More from Paris

This is the flyer for the show:
Here are more of the quilts we saw at Charles' show over the weekend. He even had piles of quilts for sale! Good thing I didn't have extra room in my suitcase!!

Note the crown molding in the corner!

I think I need to make this! So simple but effective!

I love this picture of Will taking her own photo!

Simple flying geese

Simple 9 patch but dramatic with the dark setting squares 

The spools on the door was awesome but tough to photograph 

One table's offerings- all for sale

Close up- I love the red/white squares under the tops

More log cabins 

We were stumped on this pattern: spider web or kaleidoscope??

I love this one too!

Here are Will and I with the host Charles, holding the tiny postage stamp top (1/2") her friend bought!

I love this simple block:

Charles also collects (and sews) samplers! They were in a very narrow hallway so they didn't photograph very well but I was so impressed with them!

This was over a doorway but I'm hoping you can see the Hawaiian patterns sewn by Charles too!

I'm now back home and feel so lucky to have seen such awesome quilts! I'm ready to sew like crazy, if I can just get over the jet lag! Tough problem to have! 


  1. I don't believe you are in Paris, I believe you are in quilt/needlework heaven!

  2. Oh my...I lost the opportunity to come and see these awsome quilts because I didn't know that......
    I hope you enjoyed your days in Paris with your friend ...lots of quilts and beautiful quilts... !
    Good return in your home and a big thank you for all the photos !!

  3. WOW, what a collection of work that you have had the luxury to see in person. I can't imagine how your head is spinning with ideas after this trip. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. So many amazing quilts! And samplers too! I also love that one on the chair and the brown triangle one hanging on over a rack or door. But then there. Is the flying geese one, oh I could just go on and on! Thank you for sharing these.

  5. His place was jammed full wasn't it?! I believe the blue and white one is a Burgoyne Surround- I've always loved that pattern in two colors. That one is like reverse colors and even better than the usual way of seeing it.

  6. Thank you Randy for sharing those little treasures. I got stuck at the table for a while. So many quilts, so many quilts! So appreciate seeing all these. Thank you.

  7. What a jaw dropping collection!! So many of them made my heart beat a little faster. Thanks for the show!
    Love that blue/white Burgoyne Surrounded, too!

  8. I don't even know WHERE to start with comments ... I am "gobsmacked" by how many, how beautiful and how simply amazing all those quilts are!! In such a small space, too!! HOLY COW!! I also believe the blue/white one is a Burgoyne Surround ... which I started many years ago and which I've now been inspired to go dig out and complete in 2015!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Randy for sharing the treasures of your journey with us. What a wonderful Christmas gift!! Linda

  9. What an amazing collection! The one hanging over the table of quilts for sale is so interesting. I think I'll post it on Pinterest, if you don't mind.

  10. Wow, Randy, I'm so jealous you got to see that 'show'!!! What fun, I'm surprise you did not purchase any quilts?! Probably very expensive by our standards?! But what a collection! And great variety, double wow!

  11. Lucky you! What a wonderful collection of quilts. I'm curious... how did he hang them? I see the office bulldog clips, but what are they attached to? Do you think that is a good way to display old quilts? We have some at our town museum - old but not historic - and I'm looking for a way to display some of them. We don't have much room to work with.

  12. Wow, thanks for sharing all those pictures of such inspirational quilts! What a collection
    I'm busy with Bonnie's mystery quilt but you should lead a sew along on one of those beauties next month :0). Happy Hoiidays to you and yours