Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quick trip to Bend

We took a quick trip to Bend and since our Sunriver house sold, we had to rent something. I've always wanted to stay in Bend so this was a great opportunity. I found this small, old cottage that's been perfect!

Yup. It's 100 years old! Look at the bathroom floor! I don't know if it's original but it sure is awesome!

Even the shower curtain over the claw foot tub inspires!

I picked up my Bernina from the storage place and even had time last night to sew a bit!

I was overly optimistic and brought along this adorable kit I picked up in Wisconsin!

I loved the fabric: Barbara Bracknan's Ladies Album, which wasn't available in yardage. Maybe I'll finish my first project tonight and get to start this. 

Flying back home tomorrow night  for Nana Day on Friday. 

Here the 3 of them were playing in Jack's pack n play. Emma refused to keep her shirt on, by the way!


  1. OMG doesn't Ryan look like Ben in that picture?! And what a cute picture!!! The rental looks cute and I'm glad to see you had some sewing time! cheers!

  2. Glad you were able to rent something suitable. That kit is super cute, and it's a great fabric line!

  3. That playpen looks like the happening place! : )
    Gorgeous kit.
    And I love that bathtub!

  4. Hi Randy !
    The floor of the bathroom inspired you for a quilt no ?
    I love (a lot !! ^^) the kit that you've bought !! Great choice as usual !!

  5. Have fun, Randy!! Looks like a fun place. I blogged about your quilt along...I got my quilt...quilted!!

  6. No more fun Retreats with Bonnie at SunRiver HUH? I am sure you have good reason to sell. Enjoy your Grandma time.

  7. Another adventure ... temporary digs ... love doing stuff like that ;-) Glad you have your machine nearby ... the kit looks like fun! ENJOY!! Linda

  8. Looks like a fun trip! The kids are adorable - I can't believe how fast they are growing!

  9. I love your bungalow! Looks like a fun place to stay. Beautiful fabrics! You got those kids " corralled" for a little bit!

  10. So they all wanted in there together? Like Emma I never kept my shirt on as a just feels better Nana!
    Love the quilts too, what a great little show.

    Happy Sewing