Sunday, April 5, 2015

Large print uses

One of my Wisconsin friends had a great idea to utilize large print fabrics!!

Here is the original fabric. 

She layered it so that there were 4 layers,exactly  the same. She then cut squares. I think she cut them at 4", although you could go smaller or larger.

Here are a few piles. 

Then she rearranged the squares until she found a layout she liked. 

She sewed the 4 patches together and laid out all of them. 

Her plan was to put a thin black sashing around each new block and add white sashing between the blocks. Great idea to use up fabric you don't want to cut into!

When we went into Spring Green to the Country Sampler store, I found a gorgeous cheater cloth I thought would make a great utility quilt!
I got 2 yds but realized that wouldn't work out so I called and got another 2 yds. I think it's a great find. The fact that it's primarily blue helps a bit!! VBG

I'm trying to keep up with the Barbara Brackman 6" stars every week.   This week's theme was foulard prints, which I hadn't understood before. So I made one using only foulard prints. If you want to read more, check out the latest Stars in a Time Warp posting. It's posted every Wednesday and can be found alongside my blog. I've no idea how to put a link from my phone. Sorry!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! We are enjoying lots of matzoh!!


  1. Your friend came up with a great idea! I love the blocks she came up with. That cheater fabric has great colors. Wonderful time warp block. I have been reading along and learning a lot.

  2. Love your foulard printed star!

  3. I love what your friend did with that fabric. It will be a beautiful quilt.
    That is a nice cheater cloth.
    Great star. I'll have to go read about foulards. I have no idea what that means. : )

  4. Great idea for the large prints !! I used them for the back of the tops !
    Your star is soooo cute !

  5. Wow! Hard to believe those blocks came from just that one fabric. Awesome. Love your foulard block.

  6. DROOLING over the large floral print fabric. Absolutely gorgeous!! Clever idea for using it, too. Did she "turn" each of the segments that she cut into 4ths to create a new design or just cut them apart, insert a different color and then sash each block. Would absolutely LOVE to see end result.