Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flying geese galore

Tucked in the back of the quilts in Nantes was an exhibit of quilts which used the block "flying geese" in some fashion. Let me tell you that I was completely blown Away by the creativity in the quilts submitted. 

Is this not adorable??!!

One corner

These are some TINY blocks!! Sorry it's a little blurry. 

Here are my two favorites:
This took some careful studying! This quilter used piecing and thread play to make her design. In the first image, the flower was missing only one petal;  each successive flower pot had the petals falling to the ground but their images were sewn with colored threads:
There were many who were studying this quilt and fortunately my French is good enough that I was able to get what they were describing!

Now this one was off the charts:
I'm going to show you close ups because it's the only way to see the beauty!!

That's the end of the Nantes quilts. It was truly a great experience!!

Now let me show you my very simple quilting skills!! Nothing like what was in Nantes, but that's okay!!  I made a quilt for the doll quilt swap that my friend Lori hosted. 

Pretty basic!!

I used heavy thread and did some very Primitive hand quilting:
This was truly an international quilt!  I pieced it in Wisconsin and took it with me to France to do the quilting. The binding was done in California!!

I'm feverishly trying to get the binding sewn down on the kindergarten teacher's quilt, which in going to present to her tomorrow!  I'll post a picture in the next day or two. M


  1. More fabulous quilts from Nantes! They are almost overwhelming. I loved seeing your 'simple' quilting! Really more my style. So great that you were able to get the kindergarten quilt done!

  2. I'll never think of flying geese the same way now! Can't believe how clever some people are.
    Cute little churn dash swap quilt.

  3. Your doll quilt is very cute ! No doubt that the lady who received it will love it !
    The last quilt you showed us from Nantes was exhibited in Paducah last year !!
    It is awesome no ?

  4. I am always speechless after seeing your show pictures ... you have a talent for picking up on the beauty and intricate parts of the quilts. THANK YOU! Recently saw a quilt done on a "cheater" panel of hexis (Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern) and the quilter had done the same thing with her primitive stitching as you did except she used black thread around all the hexis and the effect was nothing short of amazing. Wish I had snapped a picture but camera was elsewhere. It was inspirational and I need to give that type of quilting a try. Thanks again for taking us on your travels! Linda

  5. The flower petal quilt is so fun! Really makes you take a closer look.
    I love your little swap quilt!

  6. Your swap quilt is adorable--so cute with the big stitch quilting! The last flying geese quilt is amazing--I can't even imagine doing all that piecing--yikes!

  7. You are so right! What creativity in those geese quilts. And, I love your little swap quilt!

  8. Hi, I have been following you almost since you started your blog. I do enjoy your anecdotes and loved seeing the quilts with the flying geese. I used to get soooo intimidated by how talented people were. Now as I age I can admire them and hopefully take a bit of inspiration from them. Be well. Liz

  9. The geese quilts are a treat to see and your little quilt is just darling - lovely blues.