Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kindergarten quilt was a huge success

I presented the kindergarten quilt to the teacher yesterday and it was a huge success. She was in tears!! Very sweet to see the kids' reaction to seeing their art work put into a quilt. They all crowded around wanting to see where their signatures were or the picture!

I will tell you, though, that I was hugely disappointed to see that many of the signatures bled after being washed. I used permanent markers too!!  Ugh!!

I suppose I should have tested them before I had the kids sign them. Lesson learned!!

Now I have a couple of days at home to catch up!! 


  1. What a sweet moment! Such a big heart on your part. Teacher will cherish it for years.

  2. Wonderful! What a treasure!

  3. Oh, that will be loved and treasured.
    Just curious, did you heat set the blocks after they had been signed?

  4. Wonderful gift--am sure the teacher will treasure it

  5. Fantastic! I have had trouble with some "permanent" pens too. Pigma always works. I'm sure she didn't even notice! Good job!