Monday, September 5, 2016


A Bag!  You can never have too many bags!

This is the pattern I used. 
I had a little trouble the first time I made it but didn't struggle this time. It even has 2 pockets inside. I decided to make this because I needed something to carry my projects on the way back home Wednesday!

Now back to my regular projects including the mystery challenge!

Anybody else going to make a pin cushion?  I found another one:

Have a great Labor Day!


  1. Oh that's a very nice bag ! I love it !
    Congratulations Randy !

  2. A great bag--I love the random scrap palette. It looks like a good size for hauling things. : )
    Almost finished quilting the challenge piece--just the borders to quilt now.
    Then I need to start planning the pincushion!

  3. Congrats on your great looking bag. You did an excellent job. ;^)

  4. I love your bag!! Perfect size and so fun.

  5. Oh lovely bag--I am collecting scraps to make a junk journal and that bag looks like the right size...L O V E that pin gorgeous...hugs, Julierose

  6. P.S. is there a pattern for that pin cushion--just my style...hugs Julierose

  7. Really cute! I just bought a pattern by the same designer, Bow Tucks Tote. And I got a charm pack to use with it, but now I don't know what I did with the charm pack. The story of my life! No, you can't have too many bags - I guess. I saw the Bow Tucks Tote made up at a quilt shop near the coast and it was so nice I bought the pattern.

  8. Love it! You can't have too many project bags ... because if you're like me you have a MILLION projects (or UFOs) at any one time! Nice job ... love it ;-) Linda