Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our 3 adults kids, two spouses, 4 (!!!) grandchildren and my 89 yr old mom (who is still living on her own and driving, which is a scary thought, to tell you the truth!).  It was nice.  Everyone got along, which is no small feat.

Ever have a problem with adult kids either not getting along?? I'm not going to get into any in depth conversation today but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated our calm and mostly fun Thanksgiving.  I hope yours was equally wonderful, whether you had company, stayed home or went to a restaurant with just the two of you (or by yourself!!).

My dh and I went up to Napa on Sunday and went wine tasting (one of our favorite things to do.  No, I'm not an alcoholic!!  We enjoy buying -- and drinking-- wine!  VBG).  Napa is a beautiful place to visit, especially off-season.  I saw this in one of the wineries.  I have a lot of corks I've been saving for Emma's preschool and think I could put this together.  Isn't it really darling???  Definitely NOT for $295, though!

I have done a little sewing.  The next Primitive Gatherings block was finished while we were driving up to Napa.  You may notice that two leaves are a bit lighter... GRRR.  When I was almost done, I realized I was missing two leaves so I had to wait until I got home and found some scrap wool to use.  Oh well.

My DiFord Mountmellick quilt is not getting done very quickly.  I did cut the first border stripe and settled on the half moons;  then I started playing around with flowers. They are just glued on to play around with the colors.  I didn't realize how popular this quilt was.  There is apparently a Facebook group (should I be surprised??) which did this quilt when it was first published.  

My quilt of valor is the project I've been working on in my spare time.  It's been challenging because I don't have a pattern.  I saw the quilt online and am replicating it.  I think I mentioned that it's a Primitive Gatherings pattern and when I called them to ask them the width of their strips, they REFUSED to tell me, letting me know I could BUY the pattern.  I was disappointed, to tell you the truth.  I decided to just keep my strips at 2" cut, but then I'm cutting the squares down to 7-1/2".  My challenge has been the light triangles.  They are actually squares and I'm sewing them on as squares.  I'm not used to sewing setting triangles as squares!! vbg.  I will just chop them off after all the rows are sewn together.  I'm liking it and It's great to be using up some fabrics I had gotten for another project (a kit) I have no intention of making!! I'm sure this quilt isn't making a dent in my stash (seriously!) but I did get rid of the kit I had, so that's a good thing!

Can you believe it's December already???  


  1. I saw the lighter leaves only after I read your comment about that picture. I have seen a few Mountmellick quilt and they are all wonderful but what a journey! Good for you to tackle that one. Enjoy! I love your QOV. The math of a quilt without a pattern is always what takes the most of your time; after it's easy peasy. IMO, I think your measurement are perfect because it looks just lovely. Good luck with the setting triangles. ;^)

  2. Sometimes I purposely switch out the wool colors in kits to give it a little more variety. Looks great to me.
    Your Di Ford quilt looks like it is coming along, to me. My insides turn to jelly just thinking about doing that applique, whether by hand or machine.
    Designers make their living from selling their patterns and designs, so should come as no surprise that they don't want to give out pattern info over the phone, don't you think? : )
    It is going to be a great QOV.
    I haven't tried using squares to stand in as setting triangles, and then lopping them off, but don't see why it wouldn't work. I usually oversize my setting triangles so I have plenty of room for error.

  3. Really like your bird on the branch in the Mountmellick center and the flowers will be very complimentary. You are off to a great start! Not to worry - this is not a quickly done quilt - enjoy the process. Happy stitching.

  4. I started the Di Ford quilt from fabric I purchased from an online fabric store. Silly me I did not cut the first border before cutting the parts used in the applique and ended up short on one border side. So be sure to cut your borders first. This brings me to ask if you have any of this border fabric left I would truly love to buy what you can spare. I am short on one side but an willing to piece it. I have searched and searched for this fabric and have been unsuccessful as it was released in 2013. Thanks for any consideration.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  5. I do love that sculpture. I was wondering why you were saving wine corks for Emma's school, but I guess I didn't have "crafts" in mind! Too funny! I think you could make this easily and let us know if you need any more corks! Of course the kind of wine Gordon drinks doesn't usually have a cork. I could save you the spigot! Glad you had a peaceful Thanksgiving. And I am very impressed at your progress on the Mountmellick quilt. Mine is still in my head!

  6. I like the wine cork "Love" sculpture. How much enjoyment one would get from the process of getting that many corks. Yum! I have a couple of married adult children and one unmarried one. Now that the weddings are in the rear view mirror and the best behavior is off things occasionally get a little tense. No real drama, thankfully.

  7. Usually, the end of year is very busy for everyone and I'm not surprised that you were've done an incredible work on your quilts and I love them both.
    Did you buy any wine for Chritsmas ?

  8. I guess my view is a little different than Janet's, because some of the patterns out there aren't really "new." Just because the rail fence is in certain colors and maybe has a different number of rails per block, doesn't make it that unique. I understand that beginners might need a pattern to make one, but experienced quilters wouldn't pay $9 for that. I will certainly pay a lot more than that for a complex pattern like one I'm working on now - It will be revealed after being given to the recipient. Am I being contrary? BTW, at the craft show that I'm in this weekend, the vendor next to us has a lot of crafts made from the slats of wine barrels - some very interesting items. And my town is a huge wine making area, so if you ever come to McMinnville OR, be sure to let me know so we can meet.

  9. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. Me and my sis still have arguments, but, it is usually because I am right, and she is wrong LOLOLOL JK Your wips are great, and the QOV is too much fun! Love a fun rail fence! Have fun in France!