Sunday, November 6, 2016

More Shelburne Museum quilts - Part III

Here are the quilts that are in the Shelburne Museum collection.  They are all seen only through glass.  They are displayed in large "pockets" similar to the way you'd see posters displayed.  So please forgive me if they aren't great shots or if they have some reflection showing.

There were two kid quilts that I just loved!

They are row by row quilts, I think!

As I was racing through the building, I saw these samplers that were amazing, as well.

postage stamp quilt...

not quilt related but an adorable hat box display!~  The Shelburne Museum was really an amazing experience and place to visit.  Thanks to Wendy Reed and Cyndi Black for taking me along;  thanks to all those women in the AQSG who allowed me to join in for the day.  It was an experience I will never forget!

And while not from Vermont, here are Lori and I, meeting for coffee in Bend last week!

Here is a quilt I made as a donation for some friends in Hawaii.  I usually bring it in person but we aren't going this month since I'm awaiting the arrival of our new grandson, due Friday!!  This will be grandchild #4. I  am so lucky!!

It started out as a wall hanging, but I felt that at 48", it was too wide to hang on a wall so I added 7 rows on the top and bottom.  I needed it done ASAP and my friend Claire graciously allowed me to use her new APQS longarm last weekend and I did a quick, overall stipple (not very artfully done, but good enough!).  Off it went into the mail on Monday.

I was babysitting both Emma (4) and Jack (2) all last week because the sitter was off.  We had a great time.  One place I took them was to the zoo in San Jose.  Of course, I got little to no sewing done.  But at what price?  Priceless!

My next project to show you is my Circa 2016.  I'm changing it up a little bit and trying to finish all my extra touches.  I also have been doing a little wool applique and am anxious to share those blocks with you as well.  I have the rest of the blocks all kitted up and am planning to take them with me to the hospital when my son's wife goes into labor and I am at the hospital waiting the baby's arrival!

The blocks were part of the Primitive Gatherings summer block of the week (that's a misnomer--there were 44 blocks/week), to which they threw in these freebie wool applique 5" blocks.  They inadvertently sent me three duplicates and I'm going to give them away this week.  I'll post the pictures next. Keep an eye open if you are interested in doing some little wool applique blocks.  You could make them into a very nice pin cushion or a small little wall hanging.


  1. Awesome pics! We loved the Shelburne Museum! That place is amazing! We spent two full days, and could have done a third! And congrats on your newest grand! Sweet!

  2. I didn't realize that the quilt with the people on it is at the Shelburne Museum. Wish there was a pattern for it.

  3. OMG these quilts are awesome ! Thank you for sharing Randy...and congratulations for your new grand child !!

  4. So many eye candy! WOW! The quilting on some of them is just amazing! I love the basket with the oranges (?) on double pink background. Awesome cross-stitches too. Thank you for sharing all these beauties. Wish the mother all the best for the big event on Friday. Enjoy the grandchildren. (They are growing up so fast and adorable to boot!) ;^)

  5. Oh those two are so adorable! Lucky kids, lucky Nana! Have fun with the new baby SOON! Thanks for sharing more Shelburne quilts. I did not get a photo of that botanical one so I am happy that you did!

  6. Love seeing the Shelburne quilts--thanks for sharing them!!

  7. What a loaded post, Randy!
    Thanks for the tour of more Shelburne quilts. Some real jaw-droppers there!!
    Great shot of you and Lori. : )
    That is a really fun quilt in florals that you are sending off to a tropical clime!
    Sweet, sweet grandchildren photos. They are lucky to have such a good grandma!! Hope all goes well with the other family and their new arrival.
    Can't wait to see the wool blocks!

  8. Wowsers......great quilts!!
    Is Jack a redhead like my Lily? He is so cute :0) I bet you had a busy week
    with he two of them! YOu are right......Priceless! I won't get to see Lily until after Christmas. Happy Sewing

  9. A three letter word, Randy..."WOW!"

    Hug's, Carolyn

  10. gorgeous quilts...many years ago the MFA in Boston had an exhibit of antique samplers....awesome work....