Monday, October 31, 2016

Shelburne Museum, Part II

The second part of the visit to the Shelburne with the American Quilt Study Group was when women shared "old" quilts that they'd somehow come into possession of.  They were wonderful!

The center was pieced and the large flowers were done by broderie perse.  Some thought that some of the pieces in the star had been repaired.

This was a fabulous log cabin!!  Here's a close up:

As I recall, this was a summer quilt--no batting and no quilting.  We were wondering why the quilter decided to piece each segment of the circle rather than cutting one piece for each quarter.  Any ideas??

Definitely not OLD as the others, but fun to look at nonetheless.

A fantastic hexie quilt!  And the quilting was great as well!  Here's a close up:

Wendy Reed brought along a beautiful antique quilt she decided to replicate.  The original is underneath.  Wendy is pointing out something with her pinky on the left.  The fabric in the original was striped and you can see its use in the vine and flowers (or are they blue leaves?).

This is a better shot of the original.

This is Wendy's version of the original.  She explained about how she tried to get the right color blue and had to dye the fabric several times to get just the right shade.  Note her fabulous appliqué and quilting!  This girl doesn't win ribbons for no reason.  Her work is amazing!! Wendy asked me to present this at the meeting (since each person was only allowed to show one quilt).  I thought I should've been able to take it home then, but she didn't exactly agree!  VBG.  Beautiful job, Wendy!

The quilter put her initials in a back corner, by cross stitch.  I happened to notice it when someone turned the quilt corner over.

Next installment of this show will be the quilts there were on display in the Hat and Fragrance building of the Shelburne.  I also took pictures of some of the other exhibits, including hat boxes, coverlets and cross-stich samplers.  I just need to email them from my phone to my computer and download them.  This process is way more time consuming than it used to be!  When I saw Lori last week, she was showing me that SHE still has the blogger app on HER phone but we couldn't figure out how she could beam it over to me!! VBG

Happy Halloween.  We are going to take the two little darlings out tonight to the neighbors.  I will be sure to show you pictures of them all dressed up in their costumes!


  1. All those quilts are simply stunning and the quilt of Wendy fabulous. ...yes I agree with you, this girl is amazing !
    For the question you asked, maybe it was easier to the quilter for appliqueing .....

  2. Love seeing these beautiful old quilts!
    Wendy's replica is fantastic! Well, you did your best to win possession. Wendy must be a hard nut to crack! *LOL*

  3. The quilts are amazing! I love them! I will get to trick or treat with my 7 year old granddaughter for the first time tonight! I dress up as Betsy Ross and she will be Super Girl.

  4. Great quilts with a lot of stunningly beautiful fabrics. Thank you for the photos.

  5. What an awesome display and collection everyone brought. Wendy's quilt and replica are beautiful and the first star quilt is so incredible. What treasures you were able to examine and learn from.

  6. Thanks for the additional photos! love the log cabin and little doll quilt.

  7. WOW!! Love them all but my fave was the Log Cabin! Stunning!!

  8. Thanks so much for your thoughtful photographs of the stunning quilts in parts I and II of the Shelburne! I definitely have to make a trip there now! These quilts are major!!!!!

  9. I am drawn to that stripe vine on the border of the one quilt. A simple center. The applique border is what makes the quilt.