Monday, October 17, 2016

More pin cushions and some PIQF quilts

This was made by Linda Hoch and sent to Ruth Janssen. Log cabin makes a great pin cushion.  Here's another one made by Janet O.

Janet sent this one to Joy.  Janet is into MINIs so I'm sure those strips are TINY!

And Barbara Black made this one for Laura Lane, also adorable!

Here's another one by Joy, made for Nancy in Connecticut.  I can't copy the picture so I'm giving you the link to her blog.

And my friend Anne made a darling little log cabin pin cushion (her first, as well) and sent it to Dottie:

Here's one that Dottie sent to Claire. It's awesome!

Aren't all these pin cushions just amazing??  Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was great!

I promised to show you some pictures from the PIQF quilt show I went to last week.  It's so tedious now having to do it only through my computer but I'll figure it out.  It just takes longer!

This one has some amazing quilting on it.

The appliqué is also pretty amazing!!

I loved this.  The colors are great and the piecing was amazing.  I am guessing it was paper pieced.

Close up of just one block:

Here are a couple more quilts I just loved.

This one was an award winner!

Close up:

And this one had amazing appliqué and quilting:

Close up of the center block.  Isn't this just adorable!!!

There are still more.  I'll post them tomorrow.  I may have figured this out!! ;-)


  1. Log cabins pincushions were surely popular.
    Wow--=each one of the quilts you shared here are jaw-dropping!
    Love the poultry. My grandpa was a chicken farmer. : )
    Those are some complex Mariner's Compasses!!
    I am always in awe of applique, and these two are especially intricate!

  2. Lovely pincushions! I love the Mariner's Compasses, really an award winner.

  3. Love those log cabin pincushions...beautiful quilts...thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  4. I am so grateful that you go through the "pain" of postings these awesome pictures with us. It is a most enjoyable post. Thanks! ;^) Great job on the pincushions everyone. Awesome!

  5. Absolutely love your eye for great quilts ... spot on!! The pin cushion exchange was fun ... thanks for organizing us! The quilting in the first one was amazing ... such details. The Mariner's Compass left me speechless! I can see why it won an award ... the quilting provided motion to the piece and those little points? OY VEY!! I don't do applique (unless forced to) but have always admired those who have mastered the skill. That one was a masterpiece! My goodness!! Thank you for the "eye candy" show!! Linda

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