Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One more pin cushion and Maine quilts

Penny in England sent a most adorable pin cushion to Barbara Black.

When I was in Maine last week, Wendy and I stopped in at Cyndi's Busy Thimble.  I must say that I was in awe!  She has every wall covered in samples, most of which are minis.  She did have a few larger samplers.  She gave me permission to share some of them with you.

This one is made using Wendy's favorite pot holder method, which is similar to the quilt as you go concept.  Each separate little block is hand quilted, bound and ultimately all the little blocks are sewn to each other by whipstitch.

Cyndi was replicating an antique quilt when she made this.

There are VERY small pieces in this log cabin quilt.  Just gorgeous! Note on top of the bolts are some bundles of fabrics.  Cyndi has a great way to sell fat quarters:  she puts a group together and arranges them in such a way that you can see more than just the corners (as is usually done with fat quarters).  You can fan through the bundle and see the length of the fabric--atleast about 9" worth! I will admit that I bought at least a couple of them!

This is another log cabin and great little 9-patch.  These were hanging just above the cutting area and Cyndi's desk.  I think the 9-patches are 1-1/2".  

This was another sampler she had hanging.  

This was a sample she made using a new fabric line's charm squares.  I particularly loved the way she used the sashing fabric.  So much so that in fact, I had to buy some.

I just love this one sample.  I'm a sucker for toiles, no doubt about it.

Such a great use of a variety of fabrics and different shapes!

These little quilts would keep me busy for weeks!

I know I've posted many scenic pictures but I just couldn't get enough of them!

This is the road right in front of Cyndi's shop, which is on my right.  I was standing in the driveway.  I think her house is the next driveway up on the right.

Then we went to lunch at a great new place on a lake.  Oh, just another lake.  OMG.  It was gorgeous!

Sadly it was raining and you couldn't see much.  But can you believe those colors?? I have not edited the picture at all.  I am thinking of making a calendar out of my fall pictures!

Next I'll show you pictures from the Shelburne, both of the museum quilts and those that were shared by the participants in the study group.  I'm off to meet Lori for coffee since we went straight up to the cabin in Oregon after getting back from Maine.  


  1. I love to see those glimpses of fall!!! More, more, more please...glad you got to have some fun at the quilt shop!

  2. Eye candy everywhere; inside and outside. Beautiful, gorgeous quilts. LOVE the blue sampler! And the huge log cabin with tiny little pieces. (have you noticed that one of the block is turned the wrong way?) Thanks for sharing more Autumn pictures. Always fun to see. That pincushion is just adorable. Enjoy the coffee break and the good company! ;^)

  3. Gorgeous both inside and outside. Cindy's potholder sampler is beautiful. Her shop would be temptation in every nook and cranny

  4. LOVE the "pot holder" quilt! Did you look at the back to see how she joined them all together ... was there a solid piece of backing added after she joined them together? I am ready to jump on a plane JUST to visit this shop ... what a TREASURE!! The lake you had lunch at ... I am in love with the way the colors of the trees are reflected in the lake EVEN IF it was raining and no sunshine. GORGEOUS!! What a treat, Randy ... thank you for sharing ... so happy you had a fun time ;-) Linda

  5. The fall color reflecting in the lake is so pretty! The shop looks like I'd be in heaven!

  6. Love the potholder style quilt. I keep telling myself that I am going to try that method.

  7. thanks for posting photos of my pals wendy and cyndi...and yes the shop is to DIE for reproduction speaking of course! overwhelmed every time i visited...and oh the foliage....just starting to turn here in maryland...lots of my stash is from cyndi's!

  8. So glad you enjoyed Maine and my shop, Randy! Come back to Maine anytime! BTW..... I have been waiting for Four Years for someone to notice that one block in the log cabin is turned wrong! It's near an edge so perhaps I could fix it one day...or maybe I won't! LOL

  9. Looks like Cyndi has hung a few new quilts since I was there. I don't recall the large ones, or maybe I just had eyes for the small ones. : )
    I have been to New England in the Fall twice, and LOVED it. Would go again in a heartbeat, if I had the opportunity.
    Glad you had such a good visit.

  10. Beautiful shop and all those wonderful mini's. Happy to know there is fall color somewhere, beautiful lake

  11. All these beauties in just one shop ! I can't believe that !
    The sampler with potholder method is amazing and the log...incredible ! Wow....congrats to Cyndi !
    The Maine seems to be a beautiful state with his fall colors ! Gorgeous !

  12. I am so enjoying the beautiful fall colors -- I was fortunate enough to go to Maine early one October -- the colors are amazing!! Wonderful quilt shop, too!! Thanks for posting!

  13. The quilts in Cindi's store are just my type! Love them all!! Beautiful scenery - wish I could go back for the quilt shops, quilt museums and scenery. Of course, we have gorgeous scenery here too!

  14. Great pix Randy! I can't wait to see the pix from the Shelbourne! I'm so jealous!! cheers!