Monday, October 3, 2016

Pin Cushions are arriving

I just had to share this picture sent to me by Britt Paul.

She received her little package from Ruth Janssen and is just delighted with her pin cushion!  What's not to like??

I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest.  I know that Kevin received one also which he posted on his blog.  Kevin, send me the  picture so I can post it.

Also, I'm trying to reach Dottie Hossler.  Your email keeps bouncing!!

Hope you are all enjoying the pin cushion swap!!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  I hope I didn't mess up too badly in making the pairings!!  Maybe once or twice!!

ps: got the bad news today on my computer.  I thought I only needed a battery but they did an internal exam and water damaged the guts so I had to get a new one. UGH!!!  Lesson learned:  don't let your computers get wet!!


  1. Ruth did a great job. What a fun, seasonal pincushion! I put the last stitch in mine tonight. Need to get it mailed off tomorrow!

  2. Oh so sorry for your computer !
    I love a lot Ruth's pincushion ! She has made a wonderful one !

  3. Oh that is the cutest pin cushion..will look forward to seeing them all...hugs, Julierose