Thursday, October 6, 2016

Another pin cushion!

These pin cushions were sent by Nancy Alderman to Deborah Wheeler!  Aren't they awesome??

Here are two more:
This one was made for Kevin by Wendy Reed.  You know that Kevin now has chickens at his new home so very apropos!

And another:
This was made for Wendy by Deb Wheeler in Canada!  
So far, this swap has been great fun!!
Please be sure to send me pictures of the pin cushions you are receiving!  And don't forget to thank the person who sends to you!


  1. This has been a delightful swap, Randy! Making a pincushion is manageable, and it is so fun to look forward to the package!!
    I got my wonderful pincushion from Kevin today. I'll send you a photo. I sent mine off on Tuesday, but I haven't heard that she has received it yet.

  2. This swap is a success Randy ! Bravo !

  3. Shipped mine yesterday then remembered I didn't take a photo. Hopefully, Laura L will send you a photo when she receives it.

  4. Great picture, Deb! This was a really fun swap, Randy. Thanks for organizing it!