Friday, October 14, 2016

Pin cushions galore

I'm terribly frustrated today.  I most always use my phone's app to post pictures and blog posts, finding it much easier than emailing the pictures to myself and having to download them.

This week, for some reason, my app wasn't working.  Everytime I wrote a post, it'd disappear and go back to the beginning!  UGH.  So this morning I decided to delete the app and then reload it.

Well, further frustration!  I can't find the app to reload!!! GRRRR.  Not showing up on the app store!! Any ideas?  I had "blogger"!!

So, I went the old fashioned way and emailed myself pictures.

Here are the wonderful pincushion and gift I received from Ursula Yeo.  

As if the pin cushion wasn't enough, Ursula sent me this wonderful project bag that she made. 

It's wonderful!  As is the pin cushion.

My friend Anne Gavin got a great little tuffet pin cushion from Lori Lutzow in Wisconsin.

Lori also enclosed a couple of mini pin cushions as well.Anne was very excited about her pin cushions!!  Nice job, Lori!!

I've been anxious to hear that everyone has received theirs.  I'd love to post more pictures, if you want to send me what you sent and/or received.  Please let me know if you have not gotten one!

This was a great little swap which I really enjoyed.  I hope everyone who joined in also enjoyed it as much!!  Sounds like it was a great learning experience for many, too, which is awesome.  We'll have to do it again next year.  I am thinking of other ideas.

I went to a great quilt show yesterday (PIQF) and took loads of pictures.  But now I'm stumped on getting them onto my blog easily so I'm going to play around with it today.  I'm going on a trip with my dh to Maine next week and have been furiously preparing some hand work-- wool appliqué!!  EGAD.  Found some more wonderful threads yesterday at the show.  And may have picked up a pattern or two!! And more Lite Steam a Seam and Soft Fuse (I have to say that I'm liking that better!)


  1. That is a beautiful pincushion and bag you received, Randy!
    And I love the pincushion tuffet with the little legs. So fun!
    I don't post from my phone, so I am no help at all.

  2. A hexi pincushion! Oh! soooo adorable. I love hexies. And a lovely bag to boot! You're being spoiled lol. Now I regret skipping this swap. Oh well, lesson learned.
    The tuffet is awesome. ;^)

  3. Don't forget to visit Cyndi at the Busy Thimble in Litchfield and there is a quilt show there tomorrow too!

  4. What adorable pincushions..I just love those mini ones--they look like little mushrooms--so cute...hugs, Julierose

  5. Lovely pincushions! I haven't received mine yet.