Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And the winners are....

The winner of the Little House of Geese by Gail Garber is:

Ellie (elively).

Please email me your snail mail address!

And the winner of my Primitive Gatherings Penny Gatherings is...

Doni (donni @ Oregon Coast)
Send me your snail mail address, too, please.


Now I'm back from Hawaii after spending a fantastic week with two of our grandkids.  I have to show you a couple of pictures.  But first, just a little quilt related information.  Our kids met a family staying next to us and the kids played together all the time.  One little girl was wearing a fabulous little dress one evening and I had to snap a picture!  My very small quilt fix of the week!

half square triangles everywhere!

here my two getting ready to go swimming!

The sunsets in Hawaii are spectacular and every evening, it's quite the event to go down to the beach to watch the sunset, glass of wine in hand.  When it's cloudy, it's even more dramatic.

Amazing, don't you think?? And that beach?  fantastic!

Here was the sunset last night on the way home, from the plane.  Also pretty dramatic!

I love pictures like this.

So I have a couple of days to sew, before we have the kids for the weekend.  I'm hoping to get a lot done!

Thanks for the great ideas for my wool appliqué!  I think I'll add more leaves and maybe more birds!  How about a butterfly??


  1. Your grands look so cute and eager in their swimming gear!
    Oh, I can never get enough of gorgeous sunsets--and at a beach, even better!

  2. Beautiful sunsets and beautiful memories.