Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goose in the Pond, Part II and a GIVEAWAY~~!!

I honestly cannot believe that it's been 10 days since my last post (sounds like a confession, doesn't it???!! And I'm not even Catholic!). VBG

We packed up everything before leaving the cabin, drove for a day to get home, recovered, had the grandkids, recovered and now we're getting ready to pick them up again tomorrow! So goes my life these days.  Very little sewing getting done, sadly.

Oh well, there's a time for everything, right??

anyway, the next step in the Goose in the Pond block is super-easy... we are doing the strips (kind of like a rail fence!) ...

You'll need 4 blocks that are going to finish at 3".  Each block will consist of two lights and one dark (although you can certainly switch it around!).

You can make long strips or individual units.  I did them separately.  I cut my strips 4" long and they are 1-1/2" wide (cut size).  They will be sized up to be
 3-1/2" unf. If you want to make them out of 3 strips, your strips will need to be 32" long (to allow for excess)--you'll need two lights and one dark.

Isn't this easy?  Next time (let's say March 30th!!) we'll do the 9-patch and then we'll be ready to assemble the block!!

I mentioned that when I was in Sunriver last week I worked on a project using a kit I had purchased last year.  Here it is laid out, waiting for the border to be sewn on... I'm going to use large strips and mix up the border, mostly because I don't have enough of any one fabric.

I don't think the colors are coming through well.  It is a brilliant red and grey.  Just gorgeous colors, which is why I bought the kit.  My blocks are 8" finished.  Great way to use up a large-scale print you don't want to cut up, don't you think?  I made a bunch of pieced blocks, just to mix up the setting, although you will notice that I didn't set them out very well. Oh well.

Now to the giveaway.  I'm still searching for the snowman blue work pattern in my sewing room (GRRRRR) and came across this pattern I purchased but have never, nor will I ever, sewn it.  So I'm offering it to someone who thinks they'll make it.  It is definitely paper-pieced.

Please leave a comment with your email address if you're interested.  I'll pick someone on Sunday.


  1. You are one busy lady!!
    That is a beautiful quilt--I love all of the randomly placed pieced blocks.
    I'll pass on the pattern. I don't need another project, no matter how cute. I have a swap quilt to work on right now!! : )

  2. Yep, life happens like that. Instantly! VBG
    Love your top. Too bad it doesn't want to show its real colors. I find it very interesting. The eyes keep searching for another pieced block among the "plain" blocks. Very nice. ;^)

  3. I love flying geese if they can fly all the way to the UK!

  4. I have so much large print fabric that I just can't bring myself to cut up. Your kit is a great way to focus on them ... LOVE it!! The flying geese pattern looks like fun but I don't paper piece but thanks for the offer! Linda

  5. I really like your top! It would've a great way to use some of those bold prints I love and then don't know what to do with! I've done some paper piecing and have wanted to try one of Gail Garber's patterns with flying geese. I love the way they swoop!

  6. You definitely sound like a busy lady! But so much fun to have time with the grandkids! Another wonderful quilt almost done. I love a scrappy border. I have enough hst's for twelve blocks. Ready to start the second part. Your pattern reminds me of my house in the fall. The wind comes to blow the leaves out of the birch trees and the geese are flying south.

  7. Well now that is one cute little pattern, with the wonkt tree and trail of flying geese...really cute!

  8. I love the little house pattern. You are so blessed with having the grandkids close. Mine are far away, but we just spent a wonderful week together.
    blpcruzn at comcast dot net