Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back and almost ready to roll

I realized that I may have neglected to post information about the doll quilt swap which Lori (humblequilts) recently hosted.  I apologize for not posting this, although I did thank Heather for sending this adorable doll quilt!  If I have already posted this, then you are lucky to get a second look at this great little quilt.  Who doesn't love cheddar???

I just returned from an unexpected jaunt to Kauai, I went on a tour of the Allerton Gardens and found the most amazing trees...Moreton Fig Trees.  They were in the movies Jurassic Park and others!  In the garden, there was a bamboo section with a fabulous Buddha.

Can you believe those roots??

of course, I had to stop in the gift shop before the tour and spied these fabulous little Hawaiian wallhangings.  They were definitely made in China and were selling for a whopping $150 and were handquilted.  

This one is of course my favorite and a friend of mine was debating about whether this would fit in her house.  Otherwise, I'd have snagged it!  It had a matching pillow too!

If you've never made a Hawaiian quilt, you may be surprised to learn that they take a ridiculous amount of time!  The work is worth it, in the end, because they are just beautiful.  I've only done small wallhangings.

I am watching the grandkids this weekend so won't get any sewing done, but next week?  WOOHOO!  And my dh is working so I get my house back to myself so I should be getting lots done!!


  1. such a cute doll quilt and loving the Hawaiian ones only dis a small sample when doing embroidery course. Root trees look well not sure of a way to desribe them but liking the look

  2. That is a really great little doll quilt you received! Cheddar and blue are a winning combo!
    Oh, those tree roots look like something in a sci-fi movie that will come to life and grab you! LOL
    I have never done Hawaiian applique because it is, well, applique! But it sure is pretty!!
    Hope you had a good time on your jaunt!

  3. yes hawaiian quilts are a big project, but it is a totally wonderful task...i absolutely love mine...

  4. The blue and white Hawaiian style quilt is the one I like best as I love that shade of blue.

  5. Beautiful little quilt. And yes, those trees are amazing. I have done one small Hawaiian quilt. Now I can say I have done one as I don't think I would ever make another. I think it is because I like prints too much!

  6. I've never done a Hawaiian style quilt, but the patterns are really amazing.

  7. Such a gorgeous place, isn't it? I love the large trees so much! Cute little quilt there!!

  8. No, I haven't ever made a Hawaiian quilt and am pretty sure I won't ever make one. I do, however, have a Hawaiian pillow from my DS/DIL. It is on my bed, which recently appeared in Lori's blog, complete with the pillow.