Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back home and lots to show!

I'm still a bit behind in my Triangle Gatherings (they just keep coming!) but not terribly.  I had help from my grandson up at the cabin last week -- we put the foot pedal on a stool (if you have grandkids, buying these stools from Target is a MUST have.  Our kids use them all the time, for everything!).  Even little Emma got in on the fun after her family left and she stayed behind for a WEEK with Nana and Papa!  Not sure who loved it the most.  Note my wine was readily available!  Emma just turned 5 last week, by the way!

I've been working on my Marvelous Mini Mondays from Temecula Quilts and I'm up to date thus far, until the reveal comes out tomorrow.  I have to say that making blocks so friggin' tiny is a challenge for me!  Especially with my inability to sew very accurately!! ;-)  Here is the whole lot of them, along with some of my favorites.  Mind you they are 4" unf!  I had a very hard time with the 49 patches, which I was able to do thanks to the Mini Maven Janet O, who advised me to cut them 1" and make it 7x7.  Really??  Don't look too closely at mine... they frequently don't line up... oops.  I may not be the most accurate piecer, but I do enjoy fussy cutting!!

And on the drive home Friday, I was able to get some stitching done on my Summer Blocks of the Week from Primitive Gatherings.  My grandson helped me do the piecing before he left and I was able to prepare about 3 blocks for the car ride.  FUN.  All these blocks still need the tiny half square triangles that go around each one.  Later...

I do enjoy doing the wool appliqué (=don't have to be perfect) and now that I'm home for a while, I'm hoping to tackle some of the projects I have left hanging--maybe even play around with some of the things I bought in Maine (although to be honest, I think I had to leave most of what I bought in Maine at the cabin -- no room in the car!! vbg)

More triangles!

This is a lot of little sewing but nothing to put together into a quilt thus far so I am not feeling very accomplished.

On another note, I am feeling accomplished for two non-quilt related reasons:

1-- my wedding anniversary is tomorrow (Eclipse Day, which we were going to spend up in Oregon, along the path of totality, but since we chose to have Emma for the week, we had to bring her back home this weekend... opted for a week with Emma vs watching the eclipse.  No brainer for us!)... We got married in 1977-- FORTY years ago!! Amazing that it's been that long.  Has gone by so fast.  It's a lifetime!  Still feel very lucky!

2--I got on the scale in mid-June and just about died.  Decided on the spot that I had to lose weight so started following Weight Watchers online that very day and am proud to say that I've shed nearly 15 pounds in about 11 weeks.  Have to remind myself that it's a lifestyle choice and not a diet.  In other words, this is a problem that will plague me all my life (and has)...  On a conservative approach, I'm half way to my goal.  it's not where I want to be, but I'll take it. Actually, I'll take 15 pounds too!  That's a lot of potatoes!! vbg

So that's two pats on the back for me!! WOOHOO!!


  1. Busy, busy, busy lady! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Wishes for many more celebrations together ;-) Will send an email soon ... crazy back here. Memorial for mom Labor Day weekend. Great news about WW ... it really DOES work and it's a "life style" you can live with. Congrats with the loss! Linda

  2. love your mini blocks...i suffered as well when doing the 365 with all those 3.5 unf blocks...and well done on the weight thingie...too bad we all don't have the metabolism of a long distance runner...

  3. Well, my Dear you are an inspiration in more ways than one. Firstly, you have accomplished a lot of sewing in such a short time. Very impressive and I love, love, love those mini blocks and the Primitive Gatherings blocks. secondly, I am proud of you for choosing "Emma" time over eclipse time. I'm sure it wasn't easy to give up a once in a lifetime event, but we all know how important grandchildren time is! and lastly, you are a true inspiration in the weight loss department. I have not been able to get myself motivated, but you looked so good at your visit and it is time for me to jump on the bandwagon. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. And, P.S., I love my little mug rug from those Temecula blocks and I use it every day!

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary and the weight loss! Love all your blocks and the appliqué is great! What an adorable granddaughter!

  6. P.S. Was worried about you and the forest fires, whether that would be a problem for the eclipse but I guess notz

  7. What an inspiring post!! From mini 49 patch blocks to grandchildren to wedding anniversaries to 15 pounds in 11 weeks you covered everything from love, fun and challenge to health and understanding!! Thank you!!

  8. There is a lot of success in this post. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. IDK, That eclipse was pretty awesome. I wish you would have been here to see it.
    Happy anniversary and great job on the weight loss!!