Friday, August 4, 2017

Maine quilt show pictures

Last weekend I was in Maine attending their annual quilt show.  It was really impressive!

On entering the front door, we were greeted by a most fabulous quilt.
Harriet Hargrave was teaching there and she had this quilt hanging in the entry.  I just loved her use of reproduction fabrics;  we also thought that she must have dyed the muslin to get the antique look.  This quilt was called "Softly Spoken", which seems appropriate.

What a great use of hexagons!!
Here's another one, totally different!

This quilter made a full size Storm at Sea and then made a smaller version!

I love this little appliqué quilt.  Pattern is called "Heart Strings and Hope Chests" by Anne Morrell Robinson.

For all you mini-lovers (Janet O... this one's for you!).  See the little glove on the right?  Great idea they have:  they put a glove on any quilt that has been hand-quilted!  They also put a green dot on the quilt's name card, indicating that the back is worth looking at!  Very clever!

I thought this was a great way to use selvages (for those of us collecting them!)

Great simple quilt!

Another great little appliqué quilt.  This one is "Gypsy Jazz" by Robyn Falloon.

Did I mention that Wendy and I did a little quilt shopping?  Our first stop was at On-Board Fabrics, which is housed in a former cow barn.  Great little building but the best thing about this store was their collection of sewing machines!!  I'm only showing you one wall... there were machines everywhere!

We also went to Attic Heirlooms, which I had heard was not to be missed.  It did not disappoint.  I think I bought a couple of patterns, a small kit and maybe some more wool!! ;-)

Of course we had to visit Cyndi Black's shop called Busy Thimble.  Many of you know this shop but I can't get over how much fabric she has hidden away.  Last time I was there, I was too overwhelmed to get any pictures but this time I was determined to share the inside with you.  

Think you might find some fabric to buy there??

Wendy and I spotted this "tiny house" while driving and I really wanted to send you a picture.  I've never seen one up close.  I was so focused on the house that I neglected to include their extensive garden next to the house.  To be honest, I don't think my fabric and machines would fit inside this, forget about a bed!  Cute, hunh??

One other not-to-be-missed in Maine was a lobster dinner!  We bought the lobsters in a very small local shop and Wendy's husband cooked them in sea water he got for our dinner.  OMG.  IT was so good.  I had to show you.

That's about it from Maine.  I'm up at the cabin and actually did get a little sewing done this week.  I'll show you that progress later this weekend.  My daughter and her family arrive this afternoon for a week, so I probably won't get much done during that time but very excited to the family being here!


  1. Love the quilts--love the shops--got a kick out of the tiny house--drooled over the lobster!

  2. the garden was way bigger than the tiny house wasn't it? i saw it too...and i like on board fabrics as well..have some lobster and buoy prints i got the photos of cyndi' is indescribably awesome! we had lobster and steamers at reid state park...too bad you missed that one....

  3. oh forgot to mention ann reed...she is a spectacular appliquer as well...another frequent prize winner at MQ...

  4. Good idea to put the Glove on the hand quilted one. Those are rare these days. The mini Storm at sea next to the full-sized one. Wow! She must have used a bit of her stash. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Beautiful quilts. Some day I'm going to make it to Cindi's shop. Hope she isn't planning on retiring soon.

  6. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.

  7. Sp many amazing quilts! I especially LOVE the hexagon quilt with the ribbon on it! Wow!!! We were in Maine 5 years ago and loved it too.

  8. You had me at Lobster! That dinner is drool-worthy.

  9. What fun pictures! The quilts are beautiful. Attic Heirlooms actually came to PIQF a few times. Wonderful fabric choices! I would love to visit their store...AND eat some of that lobster. I won't bother with any other. Maine lobster is the best and only! Have fun with your family :-)

  10. Randy, I just know you travel more than I do! LOL Love the fact that you were able to enjoy the Maine Quilt Show along with Wendy! Thanks for sharing such beautiful quilts! I would have been all over that lobster meal!

  11. Thanks for the lovely quilt pictures! The shopping must have been fun in such great shops! Love the tiny house but too small for a stash. I'm drooling over the lobsters and clams! Have a great time with your family.

  12. So glad you enjoyed your Maine visit! And don't forget New Hampshire in October if you want to see GREAT New England antique quilts! And where is that tiny house? I love looking at them but could not live in one unless it had a barn addition!

  13. Fabulous, thanks for sharing a bit of your trip. Makes me want to be in Maine........

  14. We did have fun didn't we?! So happy to hear you are getting some sewing time at the cabin. Have fun with the family! And, thank you for that sweet note and pattern. I do hope you can make it to the AQSG seminar in the Fall. It is an unbelievable experience. I might even be able to find you a room mate.

  15. Lovely! I had a friend from WA visiting Maine and she was going to Cyndi's shop and possibly the quilt show. New England is lovely.

  16. Wonderful quilts - thanks for sharing. Loved seeing the tiny house and that lobster dinner looks so so good!