Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sewing along

My friend Claire came over yesterday to sew with me and I have to say that having a friend sewing along makes for a more productive me!

She likes to hand sew--she's been working on a blue work quilt for a long time!  My sewing machine is just next to the couch where she lounges.

Yesterday I worked on a couple more of the triangle gathering blocks.  Still trying to get them done!

You can see that I don't stress at all about ensuring that my points are perfect.  In my book, done is GREAT!!

When Claire came over, I showed her a new book I just received by Cyndi Black in Maine (Busy Thimble) by Betsy Chutchian.  As I was just thumbing through the book, I passed a page with some mini quilts on a wall and decided right then that I was going to sew one.  No pattern.... just tried my best to figure it out.  I also scrounged around to find some orphan units...found some quarter square triangles and a couple of half square triangles.  Everything else I made for this project.  Next time I'm going to limit myself to units already done.

I've been coveting this Di Ford bird fabric ever since I got it and really love it.  I even pieced the binding because I didn't want to have to cut an extra strip unnecessarily!  Mind you I have two yards!! ;-)

The book is called Quilts for All Seasons.  It's a Quiltmania book and is therefore FILLED with one quilt after another that I want to make.

We'll see what's next!!  I'm getting the Oh Scrap book delivered today!!  Of course it's kids weekend starting tomorrow so I might not do much until after they leave.


  1. Pretty blocks, but your little bird mini steals the show!!! Can't say enough about it, Randy. Love that you threw in the QSTs, and that the inner borders are just chopped off where the block ends. Lori would be proud of you! :)
    It is a beauty--and just my size! LOL

  2. I love your mini quilt. It is so sweet. Hugs

  3. Your Triangle Gatherings blocks are nice, I really like your fabric choices. Your little mini is stunning! Leftovers and small scraps can really make a great little quilt, I love the bird fabric! ! !

  4. It has been so long since I had a friend to actually sew with me. I remember one time when a friend came over and we were up until about 4 am sewing. My husband was out of town out the time. So fun to chat and sew as long as we wanted to.

  5. Your little bird mini quilt is adorable! Makes me want to heave all the unfinished queen size quilts into a corner and make a mini or two or ...

  6. That mini is darling! Having a friend to sew along side is the best! Even though you talk and laugh it seems as if time flies but you can still get lots done. Only thing better is a retreat!

  7. Your impromptu mini is adorable! I would use that Di Ford fabric sparingly too--it's beautiful!

  8. Wow! Love your new mini. You highlighted that wonderful fabric. I've been considering that book too. :0)

  9. Randy I love your kdea of using existing blocks and units to create your little mini. I like doing stuff like that. It frees you up to make choices you might not have made otherwise, and forces you to make do. And the results are unexpected, and usually delightful!