Sunday, September 9, 2018

A lovely little quilt show

First Friday is always a big deal in Bend, year-round.  The quilt store, QuiltWorks, always has a little party and a sale to coincide with First Friday.  I've mentioned that they also have a monthly quilt display in their upstairs balcony.  This month's show was half modern quilt and the other half was from a string challenge with the local guild.  First the "modern traditional" quilts.  I'm hoping I didn't mix up the labels with the quilts. I didn't love any of the quilts enough that I wanted to make them, but I think they're worth examining.  I like the concept of modern traditionalism!

I loved this one-- there is some amazing quilting and I love that she combined the picture onto fabric with a quilt pattern.  Sure looks like Sunriver in the winter!

The local guild had a string quilt challenge and I really did love so many of their creations.  I have so many selvages-- I think this is a great idea to make use of them.  Might be the perfect September mini, Wendy Reed and Janet O!!

Here's a close-up of one of the blocks, in case you are tempted to make something like this!

Great idea for a quilt of valor, Kevin H!!  I'm guessing her blocks are 3", although you could make them whatever size you wanted.

I think she originally was following one of Bonnie Hunter's quilt patterns and then changed it a bit.  Looks lovely!

In a moment of weakness, I bought this center panel.  I did not buy the kit or the accompanying fabrics.  I thought it might make a fun quilt...and at 20% off, how could I resist?  I did buy a few other things, I will admit.

And what have I been doing the past few days, besides our outdoor activities, trying to enjoy the weather before it starts to become fall and cool?  Pulled out a ufo from last year, trying to get it done.  It's part of the Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week, 2017.  I have all the center of the blocks done but they all need these tiny tiny half square triangles (1")--36 for each block and there are a dozen blocks!  I have the finishing pattern in California and can hopefully make a dent in these remaining 9 blocks before we head back to California on Wednesday.  The top one is the one I just worked on yesterday; the other two were done last year.

Tonight marks the start of the most significant Jewish holidays, celebrating the start of the Jewish New Year.  Tonight is Erev Rosh Hashanah and tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah.  There are services in the local synagogue here in Bend, which is great.  The entire holiday is actually 10 days, culminating in Yom Kippur, next week, which is the day for fasting and repenting.  I will admit that I don't really fast but do spend the day thinking of the next year and how I can be a better person.  Always a worthwhile expenditure of time, don't you think?


  1. Awesome quilt show. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us. I loved it, especially the Spool Quilt. Too cool. Your blocks are adorable but sounds like you have quite a task in front of you. Good luck with your goal.
    It is always a good thing for everyone to think how to be a better person, see where we need to improve, what we lack in qualities, because we can all improve. None of us are perfect. IMHO. ;^)

  2. Now you went and did it, showing us that penguin panel! I immediately went online and ordered one and some of the coordinating fabrics to make a quilt for the newest grandson due in February! Love that panel! I hope mom does too. Your primitive blocks are gorgeous, they look like fun to stitch, well maybe except for the 1" HST's. Several of the quilts from the show were ones that I'd love to try sometime. Though we are not Jewish the church my husband attended for many years celebrated all the Jewish holidays so we are very familiar with them and try to keep the Passover as best we can. My latest quilt finish is a mini depicting a Menorah, shown on my blog last week.

  3. Beautiful quilt show--lucky you to be able to visit each 1st Friday's event...;)))
    I love your PG blocks--very colorful and rich looking hugs, Julierose

  4. Oh yes, a little mini with selvedges would be great! I'll have to put my thinking cap on. I adore those Primitive Gatherings blocks. I plan to dig through my wool bins this weekend, just to revisit what I have. I'm glad you will be able to attend services in Oregon. I think we could all use a little "reflecting" time these days. Enjoy the day.

  5. A beautiful and varied collection of quilts! I enjoyed viewing the show via your photos.

  6. Modern traditionalism is a new idea to me. Intriguing.
    I love the little Primitive Gatherings blocks. That is going to be one sweet quilt!
    I hope you have a meaningful holiday celebration. Yes, it is a good thing to take a look at ourselves now and then and see where we can improve. But you are a pretty great person already, Randy! :)

  7. Nothing like a little quilt show to get the creative juices flowing. The Primitive Gathering blocks are delightful. But of course, her designs always are.

  8. I'll have to stop by and see the quilts- esp the string ones!
    You know I'm not a fan of PG but the little pieced blocks are pretty cute.
    Did you go to the synagogue in Bend? I know a couple of families from Madras that attend regularly.

  9. Thanks for the quilt show ... loved it! Some talented and creative quilters. I like SOME of the modern quilts ... not all ... actually it's probably more of the quilting that I like rather than the piecing so I'm in your camp. Adorable panel ... I'm sure you'll do something clever with it! I've been big into "string piecing" lately ... I think it's because it can be so "rote" and at times you need just straight sewing without too much thinking. That's where I'm at right now. Thanks, my friend, for a relaxing few moments at your quilt show ;-)

  10. I love those string quilts and the ideas for using them as I have drawers full of them that I need to get busy and use up! Thanks! One of these days I would like to be in Bend on the first Friday.