Sunday, September 23, 2018

Quilts in the garden

This weekend, a local nursery held its annual quilt show in the garden.  I don't usually go because it's about an hour away but this year, since we didn't have the kids, we decided to take the drive.  What a treat.  This is one of the nicest places to buy plants I've ever seen.  The majority of the quilts were by Eleanor Burns, who was the featured quilter and displayed probably close to 100 quilts!  Alex Anderson lives nearby so she was prominently featured as well, including a booth and her demonstrations.

This was what we saw as we entered the nursery grounds.

I loved the wool applique so had to take a closer picture.  Up close I noticed that the quilter did not do buttonhole stitches.  She did a different kind of stitch, which looked equally nice.  I couldn't get a closer shot to show you as the quilt was too high up.

Look at the size of this tree!!  This was just one of many.  By the way, the pig quilt on the right had the most adorable pig fabric on the back, too!

This was one of my favorites of them all!

I really liked this log cabin variation.  It's an Eleanor Burns quilt as are the ones above, I believe.
 The sashing was printed not pieced.  I am always looking for the right pattern for me to make a quilt using some of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics I've been collecting.

This one is a mini.  I loved how she did the mini stars and the flag.  Remember I tried to piece a flag recently and it was pretty sad.  This one is adorable.

There was a really interesting exhibit by one woman who sewed people as if they were sitting on a bench.

Clever, don't you think?

This one was right by Alex Anderson and is called "Sizzle"-- it's the 2019 BOM by   It was designed by Becky Goldsmith.  Thank you Dottie Daybell and Barbara Black for giving me the correct information about this quilt. I love the colors.

Hope you enjoyed the little show.

Tomorrow I'll show you my second quilt using the rest of the Triangle Gatherings blocks.  Used them all up! WOOHOO. Just need to put on borders.

I realized something this weekend.  I have so much fabric and so many quilts I want to make that the temptation is sometimes overwhelming.  I want to make this one and that one;  then there's another one I want to make.  Where to begin??  Know what I mean?? 


  1. Lovely quilt show! Yes, I know exactly what you is overwhelming me, too!

  2. The orange/red/yellow quilt is Sizzle, the 2019 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show, designed and made by Becky Goldsmith.

  3. The red, green, and gold applique quilt is a beauty. What a nice setting for the quilt display. Wonder if they ever have rain on show day.

  4. Oh wow !! What a good idea you've had to go there !
    All the quilts are fabulous ! And the pumkin season is just around the corner ! ;)
    Thank you for sharing Randy !

  5. Yes! I know exactly what you mean! I love that #34 quilt with the applique as well... and also #74 with the (looks like) dresdens and butterflies! All of the quilts look so perfect as a backdrop to the fall flowers and produce! A Kaffe Fassett quilt is on my list too! :-)

  6. Love the venue for a quilt show! Glad you got to go.

  7. What a beautiful spot for a quilt show! All of the quilts are lovely--thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, great quilts! Must be a really fun place to visit. And no, I have no idea what you are talking about when you say you have so many quilts in your head. I make just one quilt at a time and don't even look at another quilt until that one is done - oops, my nose is growing!!! Creativity is such a wonderful thing. It keeps me moving forward so I don't mind having so many quilts swirling around in my head.

  9. I went up to the show and enjoyed it very much, too. It is always a great outing. As for the "what next" I am in the same boat. There is so much fabric, so many great quilt ideas, so little time.

  10. What a wonderful display of quilts. I've seen photos of this show before and it would be a treat to see it person someday.

  11. I really liked the sampler quilt with the log cabin setting blocks. I have the same problem with too many quilts and too little time. I usually try to pin them on pinterest then go through them and see what I still like. I have a hard time resisting sew alongs.

  12. That looks like a really fun quilt show!
    And yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean!!

  13. What an awesome show! The flag mini is one I have made - 2 of in fact. Gave one away and the other one is hanging in my "patriotic" bathroom.