Monday, February 25, 2019

Bigger isn't necessarily better, right?

This weekend, the local quilt guild held its annual quilt show, which was organized and run by my friend Claire.  She did a fabulous job!  It's not a large guild so the show wasn't huge but I was really impressed.

First off, Sujata Shah was the "featured quilter" and although I wasn't able to stay for her talk, I did enjoy looking at her quilts.  Of most interest to me was her NOT making sure her points were "pointy"!!  Right up my alley.  This square in a square quilt out of really bright fabrics doesn't have a single point!  I love it.  Makes me feel much better about my difficulty in keeping points.  Who cares?  Right??

Another "ah-ha" moment came for me when I saw this little bag made out of a mini (incidentally it was made by a woman in the small quilt group I belong to...Sharon Cooper... will have to compliment her tomorrow when we sew together!).  Isn't this a great idea for using up a mini?  And I strongly believe that you can never have too many bags.  I love making bags!

I was also impressed with this kid quilt both because she used the accuquilt for the vehicles but she also used wide rick-rack for the "roads".  Ingenious.

When I was in San Diego, I found a kid panel that could be an alphabet book or a quilt.  I cut them apart and then saw two quilts, either of which I think would make a great setting!  It's all about the setting!

Then I saw this small applique quilt which had a great setting.  Years ago, I made a bunch of Baltimore Album blocks but never put them together, since I felt I hadn't made enough.  Once I saw this, I figured the outer border would work as a way to tie the blocks I've done together.

More about settings.  I loved this star quilt.  I think Alex Anderson has one in her book that's similar.  But what I loved most about this quilt was the way she made the outer zig-zag border.  No flying geese.  Just half square triangles!

Next I was really taken with these few quilts that were made in a class with Freddie Moran.  I took a house class with her many years ago but she's now doing flowers/vases.  I think this could be fun and I could probably do this without taking the class (especially since I missed it!).  Aren't they awesome?!  I have lots of large floral fabrics, although I don't think these would use up very much fabric!

See the butterflies and the falling petals??

How many birds do you see???

The one "large" purchase I made was for a pattern of a quilt I've wanted to make after having seen it in a magazine.  And, talk about why two people are friends-- I was with my friend Anne today and she told me about the one pattern that she bought at the show. YUP... she got the SAME one!

The woman selling the pattern is a long-arm quilter and I grabbed her card because I think her quilting is fabulous.
Not sure when I'll make this quilt, but it's on my list!

Have a great week.  I'm sort of sad I'm not at the cabin this week because there has been so much snow... 2 feet since yesterday.  My husband would be in snow-blower heaven right now!  And I'd be stuck inside and would only be able to read or sew!  DARN...


  1. Love the inspiration you found at your local quilt show. A show doesn't have to a big national show to see wonderful quilts. Glad you had fun.

  2. What a great show! I love Sujata's work which is odd since I rarely use such saturated color. She carries a bit of India in all her work. I always enjoy her photos when she goes home to see her mother. So beautiful! I can't believe you took a Freddie Moran class and we haven't talked about it. My friend Karen and I took a class when she came to Maine and we laughed so hard I though some of the ladies were ready to throw us out! She is a hoot! I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing machine quilt! Thanks for sharing the show and I hope you get back up to the cabin before you lose all that snow!

  3. Looks like a great show! Sujata's quilts are lovely and she is such a kind woman. I'd recommend her book.
    So many lovely quilts!!

  4. What a great show, thanks for sharing!

  5. Lovely quilts--so inspiring...thanks for the virtual tour..hugs, JUlierose

  6. Looks like a fun show. I love that sewing machine quilt too--so clever! I just did a zigzag border with HST's and it was much easier than I thought it would be. There was a little fudging to get it to fit right but it all worked out eventually--lol!

  7. Thanks for taking us to the quilt show! Lovely quilts! I love Freddie Moran quilts,both houses and now the vases. Would be such fun to take a class from her! I have a similar pattern for a twin sized quilt to your sewing machine one. I hope one day to get it made for retreats!

  8. That was fun! Thanks for sharing these beauties. Love the car quilt with the rick-rack road. Adorable! Enjoy the new pattern. ;^)

  9. I enjoyed seeing the wide range of inspiration quilts you found at the show. So much to love here!

  10. Thanks for sharing those lovely quilts from the show!

  11. Lol, I bought that Sewing machine pattern too. We don't have 2 feet, but it's enough to need me to do a daily clearing. I don't know who upset Elsa!!

  12. thanks for sharing some of the quilts. Smaller shows are my new favorite! Too bad you missed Sujata's talk

  13. Wow what a talented bunch :0) Sorry you missed Sujata Shah talk, I'd love to hear what she teaches, her books are such visual delights! thanks for the little quilt show :0) Happy Sewing....(you can pretend you are stuck in snow)

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