Wednesday, February 6, 2019

One block at a time...

In addition to the other monthly commitments I have made, I signed up for the Pam Buda Circa 1880 quilt.  I received my package of fabrics, instructions and templates from Cyndi (Busythimble...favorite quilt shop) and immediately got started...

One block!  HEEHEE

I don't want to know how many of these little 2" blocks I'm going to need to make...but I've got ONE done!! 

I also made more progress on the Primitive Gatherings pieced/wool project.  I think I have about 4 more blocks to add the half square triangles to.  

And I'm plugging away on the Temecula One Block project...

I have been using the Primitive Gatherings Floral Gatherings line but I'm getting ready to branch out.  I do love these fabrics, though.

I had made this cheater quilter a few years ago and little Emma has decided that she wants to take it home because it has horses on it (her favorite!).  The hexagons are the cheater part;  I pieced the rest.

I sent Ryan home with his Triangle Gatherings quilt (I thought I took a picture but I guess I didn't) and Emma wants the hexies.  So what do you think happens now?  Jack wants to know where is HIS new quilt??!!  CUTE.


  1. If you have multiple grandchildren in the same family, you'd best have a new quilt for each one, hehe!

  2. Adorable grandkids!
    Circa 1880 is a gorgeous quilt. Two inches blocks? Hmmm! I guess you'll be busy for awhile. ;^)

  3. It is such a cool quilt, but I don't understand the whole "signing up" part.
    Emma chose a good one!!

  4. Ya, they all want a new quilt now. I've made the mistake of telling one child I'll make them a new quilt, and another saying, We didn't get a new one...
    Good thing we have plenty of fabric. One block even if it is small. You go girl!

  5. You have a good start, Randy--now just 500 or 600-and-something more. :)
    I love each of these projects. You make them--I'll drool over them.
    Of course, each little grandkiddie will want their own quilt. That is a given, I believe.

  6. Oh wow ... you're a busy grandma quilter !
    The blocks are 2 inches ? Oh là là..... go girl !

  7. fun blocks projects! I ran across what must be Pam's inspiration quilt in an old book the other day. So do you make a regular equal sized 9 patch, then trim off the outer edges? interesting!

  8. Time to make another quilt just for Jack. That's what grandmas do. Your making progress on all projects.

  9. I’m trying to resist the Circa 1880 blocks—they sure are cute! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next grandkid quilt will be!

  10. Obviously, "cheaters" can make amazing quilts!!

  11. That s a lot of 9 patches Cool quilt! Love your Temecula blocks!

  12. Oh boy! Welcome to the club! I'm so excited! I think Emma has good taste to want that sweet quilt. I'm sure Jack will have his soon!