Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another quick kid's quilt

I'm on a roll.  Posting on my blog!  Getting tops done!  Cleaning my sewing room!  WOOHOO.  Amazing what you can get done when you aren't babysitting or traveling!!  That being said, I am heading to SF today to babysit the kids the next few days; they are coming to our house for the weekend and then my dh and I are heading up to the cabin in Oregon.  YEAH!  

I whipped up a top for the kid's group using a large panel I bought last year.  I cut them into 8" squares and added sashing.  I even pieced a few pinwheels to add to the mix so it'd at least look somewhat creative!

I had a great crayon fabric for the backing and off it went to the long-arm quilters for their magic!  It was fun and, honestly, I am happy to get something done for a change.  These monthly blocks are making me feel very ineffective.  Piles of blocks waiting for assembly.

That being said, I did make a few more blocks for the Moda Blockheads II project.  My color theme is red/white/blue, in case you can't tell.  VBG  I am way behind but that's ok.

And I did this month's Cheddarback blocks (or at least my version).  I'm still thinking about the sashing I'm going to us.  I need 3 yds so I will have to buy something or mix it up, which isn't bad either, right??

I decided to change up the 2 baskets since many people posted on Facebook that they were struggling with getting them to be the right size.  I figured that I didn't need to have them exactly like they said since it's my quilt after all and no one is going to compare it and say that a block here or there varies from the original.  Right??   I found patterns for the baskets in one of my all-time favorite books:  Around The Block.  GREAT resource!

I also sold a few piles of fat quarter bundles I'd bought years ago at Quilt Market.  There is still one left.  It's Hope Chest by Laundry Basket Quilts.  There are 24 fat quarters which I'd like to sell for $1.25/ea so $30 for the bundle. (plus shipping).  Let me know if you're interested.

Of course getting rid of about 200 fat quarters did not make a dent in the stash;  nor did the three little quilts I finished recently.  :-))

But I'm hoping it made some room for any possible purchases I make in the future.  My friend Claire and I are heading to Maine and Vermont for the quilt show at the end of June (and a visit first with Wendy Reed and Cyndi Black!).
Anyone else going?  Also wondering about stops/shops we shouldn't miss between Portland Maine and Burlington Vermont... Claire wants to go to Keepsake Quilting but other than that, we have days to just wander and shop!!  Doesn't that sound like heaven??  We are hoping to find some antique shops as well.  That is always fun.  Or and restaurants??!! Or hiking trails??


  1. That is a super top! You started making me nervous with all the "cleaning out" but when you said you were just trying to make room to add more I gave a sigh of relief! I am so excited to see you and meet Claire. The sisters and I had a Vermont meeting on Saturday and we are getting very excited! Have fun with the grand kids!

  2. When we travel through Maine, the biggest must stop on our list is Mardens'. They seem like a junky liquidator store at first but have a fantastic fabric section. They are a chain and have locations scattered all along the route.

  3. Your kid top is just awesome. I love the frame around each block and the pinwheels add a little surprise. Very well done! I can't imagine getting rid of 200 fat quarters. My stash would be so depleted if I were to do that. You must have a wonderful sewing room. Enjoy the quilt show. I know that I will, the one in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that is. ;^)

  4. I'm with you on the basket block, Randy. I often draft my own patterns in "easier" versions or sizes. It all works!
    I didn't know you had fabric for sale. Probably a good thing!
    I don't remember the name, but I happened upon a nice little quilt shop in Bridgeport a couple years ago, right next door to the Maine Brewing Company. (excellent beer, btw). Oh how I wish I could tag along wth you!

  5. wee what a cute top from the panel! love it.
    your blocks look great too

  6. What an adorable kids quilt!!
    I'm sure you'll have a blast at the show. I loved it!

  7. The kids quilt top turned out fantastic!
    Oh, if I got rid of 200 FQ my FQ drawers would be about half full. :)
    Can I just say I am SO jealous of you ladies meeting up for the Quilt Show! I would love to meet your friend Claire, and see Cyndi again, and finally meet Wendy (though it almost feels like we already have met), and, of course, meet up with you again.
    My daughter used to live 10 minutes from Keepsake Quilting, so I have been there a few times. Quilted Threads in Henniker NH is a nice shop, and not too far from there.

  8. Oh man, stop by in Wisconsin and pick me up for the Vermont quilt show! That sounds fun.
    Remember how I told you how I wanted to get the sashing and a few other key components (in my minds eye) for Cheddarback? Well I got them, the hunt was fun. I haven't sewn a block yet!!! It's next on my list. Just finishing up two tops, puckers and all.
    Oh boy, cabin time with grandkids. It will be grand.

  9. not all marden's have fabric but scarborough has the most...just off route #1...

  10. Great kids quilt! Yes, I work and work and work and sew and sew and sew on my fabric stash and hardly make a dent--then I go buy more fabric