Saturday, May 25, 2019

More art for inspiration

Remember I went to the Monet exhibit in San Francisco when it first opened?  Well, this is the last weekend it's in SF so I took my free time yesterday and dashed in for a last look at some of these beauties.  Because of the way the show was presented, a viewer was given an amazing opportunity to get pretty close to each painting to see details, brush strokes, little bits of color here and there.  I also found myself so impressed with the job of curating an exhibit such as this, with paintings assembled from all over the world!

Each time I look at them, I see something different.  This time I was noticing the colors  strategically put in different locations through the painting.  For instance, can you see the purple put very discreetly throughout?

In this one, with the bridge over the pond, I found it so interesting to see how he painted the foliage in and around the bridge railings... it looked so real.

This time I noticed this painting which seemed a bit more abstract compared to the others. What spectacular use of colors!

I was helping my daughter with her kids this week so I had time in San Francisco to wander around, including the trip to the DeYoung Museum, to which I have a membership.
I wandered a neighborhood and picked up a salad and took it down to the Marina, an area right on the water, and enjoyed my lunch watching the boats, birds and water.

San Francisco is truly a beautiful city that I enjoy very much.  On that note, I'm heading up to our cabin in Oregon this weekend for a week visiting friends, checking on my mom and doing some hiking!  Have a great weekend.

I am especially grateful to our servicemen and women this weekend for their sacrifices!  


  1. Have a great time at the cabin!!! Monet fascinates me too...just so lovely!

  2. Monet's work is so peaceful to me. Thanks for sharing these beautiful works.
    Safe travels to Oregon--and enjoy your time with friends.

  3. Have you been to Monet home and gardens? Those surroundings would really inspire the artist in anyone. Safe travels enjoy your time at the cabin!

  4. beautiful photos! I'd love to see SF again. It's been about 35 years. Have fun