Wednesday, June 19, 2019

At last, May mini

you know... better late than never, right??  I also am a huge fan of being able to finish off a UFO that's been waiting for attention!  I pieced this at least 4 years ago but never quilted it.  This is my meager attempt at baptist fans...  I should probably stick to stippling!  vbg

On the drive up to the cabin, I worked on the summer block of the week from last year (Primitive Gatherings).  This project will take a while (there are 12 blocks)--lots of long drives.  I'm almost done with this one block.  The red is much more burgundy than it appears in this picture.  I need to also embroider the leaves (and sew the rest of them down) and add more berries.  

I brought along another block and started prepping it.  You know that the prep takes as long as the actual sewing (well, not exactly).

Yesterday I tried out my new inflatable kayak for the first time.  Some friends and I went out at the marina in Sunriver and floated down the Deschutes River.  I think it's one of the most serene places I've ever been to!


  1. Nice looking min, Randy! Did you use a stencil for the Baptist Fans? I am trying to decide if I will quilt my Circa 1880 quilt that way. I'm kind of chicken to try, but my rows aren't assembled yet, so I have a while to worry about it still. :)
    The P.G. SBOW looks really involved. Kudos to you for doing it.
    Oh, I could use a serene ride down a river like that about now! Looks amazing. Maybe if I just stare at the photos it will feel like I've been there. I've never been kayaking, but have done my share of canoeing, and I love it! These photos remind me of when I worked at a place along the Snake River in Idaho one summer when I was in college. We often went out on the river in our spare time.

  2. Sweet May mini done! I've gotten behind. No way I can catch up. I'll just start in when I can. I think we all need a serene river to enjoy once in a while. Glad you had the chance.

  3. I so love your May Mini. Gorgeous fabric especially the last border. Fabulous! And the color is just perfect for my decor, wink! :^D
    I love Primitive Gatherings' designs. Good luck with that project. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. ;^)

  4. your fans look great to me! there's no way you can go wrong with them.
    See you next week!

  5. Love your little mini--great use of that border print. I don't see a thing bad about your fans--my favorite quilting design, for sure. The PG wool applique is beautiful--that will be one lovely quilt! I think you are right about setting up the block taking as long as the stitching. I'm working on setting up a little stash of kits and it's pretty time consuming!


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  7. Love your mini, for some reason the old song Silver Threads and Golden Needles popped into my head as I was studying it. No doubt the gold accents in your fabric choices. Serenity, a beautiful feeling, hoping for some this next week, as these past few days have been utter chaos.