Friday, June 14, 2019

Teacher quilts and under my needle

Today was my grandson's graduation (!) from pre-school.  I honestly remember my kids' graduations from the same levels!!

My daughter had asked me to give the kindergarten teacher a quilt and I didn't think I could do that and NOT give a quilt to the teachers at the pre-school who had all three of her kids over the years.

So I went through my stacks of quilts and picked out 3 which I thought would be enjoyed by the teachers.  I made some of them a while ago but they've been just sitting in piles, so why the heck not??? Don't you agree? Giving away a quilt is much better than just keeping it sitting in a pile or a closet.  At least, that's how I feel.

I gave this one to Teacher Paul, who I really enjoyed over the years.  Very interesting man to talk to (I went on field trips so he and I had some time to chat).  

This one went to Teacher Nicole, a very feisty single woman who loves sports.  This was a sampler I made years ago and I'm happy to have it live with someone who will cuddle under it~!

This last one went to one of the people who runs the pre-school.  Several years ago, I donated a quilt to their auction and one of her friends bought it.  She lamented that she never got one.  So Olivia got her own this year!

This is one of my favorite settings of all time!

This week I've done a little sewing.  Still determined to make kid quilts for my little quilting group, I saw something on Facebook that looked very appealing so I found a pattern on Pinterest.  It's called "Mosaic" and someone figured out how to break it down into 15" blocks rather than trying to piece it horizontally.  I don't know about you but sewing together long thin rows doesn't appeal to me.  This has been a lot of fun.

Here are the instructions I followed:

Initially, I was cutting rectangles for the first couple of blocks.  I then decided to see if I had a die for my Accuquilt that might help.  Well, imagine my surprise when I found a die for rectangles 2x3-1/2"-- never opened it.  WOOHOO!  It made cutting so fast.  And, happily, I used up three fairly large pieces of white on white from my stash.  It didn't reduce the stacks of lights but I felt good knowing that I used up THREE large pieces of fabric that had been sitting around!!

I think I may do this quilt in a specific color. Imagine it in blues?? (my favorite)

this will make a great quilt for an older child, I think.  I'm making it 3x4 blocks and will add a skinny 2" border around.

My husband and I are heading up to the cabin this weekend and plan to stay an entire MONTH!!  We are very excited.  I am going to Vermont in the middle of that time (that's a whole other post worth talking about...staying with Wendy Reed and meeting Barb Vedder!!) and my daughter is coming with her family and another family so it'll be a busy time but just exactly what we had in mind when we built the cabin!  We're very happy to have the cabin filled with people!! And kids!!  


  1. What a wonderful thing you did for those teachers!! That new scrappy quilt is going to be amazing. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. The teachers will be thrilled!! I love the scrappy quilt. A pattern to remember because I have a lot of scraps!

  3. Those quilts are going to be cherished. Teachers certainly deserve the love :-)
    The quilt you are working on sparks my interest! I bought a pattern for this very quilt but you are so right...breaking it down into the 15" blocks makes it so much more approachable. Thank you for sharing it! The pattern I have is useful for fabric amounts etc but the long rows of piecing has held me back from using it.
    Have a great month at the cabin and in Vermont(!)

  4. Great scrap busting quilt! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Have a wonderful summer.

  5. I love that Mosaic variation--so cheerful and fun. I definitely can imagine it in blues. That is so sweet of you to gift those quilts--and a great way to deplete the piles of them at home--lol!

  6. The mosaic quilt is delightful. You are so generous!

  7. What wonderful quilts for the kid's teachers. The mosaic quilt is great. Glad you found an easier method for putting it together. Lucky you heading to Vermont and meeting up with Wendy and Barb. You're going to have a blast.

  8. I feel the same as you. Quilts are better being gifted and maybe used and enjoyed rather in a stack somewhere in my house. I have gifted many over the years.

  9. Lucky teachers! A quilt for each one is very ambitious even if they are done already! I love that mosaic top. What a clever way of doing it. I too hate long rows of piecing. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!

  10. Gifting quilts is a great thing to do, Randy! I just don't have stacks of them ready to give--I don't even have one, for that matter. :) Kudos to you--I'm sure the teachers were thrilled!
    The Mosaic quilt is a very fun design.
    Oh, I am so jealous of your trip (but happy for you to be able to take it). I have hopes to meet Wendy and Barb one day. Have a great time, and give them each a hug from me.
    Sounds like you will have great times at the cabin.

  11. Yes, giving quilts away is great! Isn't it nice to have them ready to go? I love the mosaic variation quilt! And the first quilt with the black/white/grey with red in the corners is perfect - I love that one a lot. More ideas --- so many ideas and not enough time in the day!!