Sunday, August 11, 2019

how important is perfect?

I have never professed to be a perfect quilter;  in fact, I have been known to chop off corners, add coping strips or other short-cuts to cure inaccuracies or imperfections.  That's just my style.

I just finished up the latest Cheddarback large block and put it on the design wall to take a picture and was somewhat disappointed to notice I made a mistake compared to what the original plan was.

So my question is whether you would fix the two little bears paws so that all 4 are the same or would you leave it as is?  I'm not sure it'll be noticeable when the quilt is ultimately done;  but the imperfect voice in me wonders if there's really a "right" way that has to control.  I haven't decided yet...😆

I did finish this little block from the Moda Blockheads II that did turn out correctly.  HAHA.  I'm even happy with the curved piecing, which I am usually awful at!

When I was at the little Sunriver quilt show last weekend, I shopped in the guild's little booth and picked up this adorable apron made out of old jeans.  I love it, especially because I have an old pair of jeans that wore out and I think this is the perfect us for them.  Isn't this just adorable?  It's also perfect, I think, because when I cook, I'm always wiping my hands on my thighs!

Maybe I will get a little sewing done this week.  We are on our third week with our grandkids staying with us at our cabin.  They are now ALL riding bikes (I am proud to say that I taught all of them!) and want to go bike riding all the time.  It's the perfect place to do that because we have miles of paved bike paths through the area.
Life is good!! ;-)


  1. I would fix it because it's the way I am. I love when I see little oops like that on an older quilt. I think it is charming! When it comes to MY quilts, I don't want "charming" I want unity, lol. It gets on my OCD nerve when oops shows up on my quilt. So the question is: can YOU live with it?
    I love the jeans apron. So cute! Enjoy the grandkids. ;^)

  2. If it was me, I would fix the bear paw block since it's a big block. If it were 4" or less you may be able to get away with it. Enjoy the grandkids; you never get that time back!

  3. I would just leave it as your own interpretation of the original--I am all for "an imperfection" in a quilt--I think it IS charming--and I like that it bit of "off" in a piece...but go with your heart on it--if it bothers you, change it have to be happy with it...hugs, Julierose

  4. I would not fix it. Isn't that what we so love about antique quilts, the little quirks. I never fix mistakes unless I find them right away. Once they are in, they are in.

  5. Well, if the quilter were made up entirely of these Bear Paw blocks, I would fix it. But... since it is a sampler quilt, I would leave it as I think it is adorable! And, yes that little apron is a hoot! I'l bet you are having fun with those kiddos. Gonna be tough when school starts again!

  6. It wouldn't be difficult to "fix" your block at this point since it's not sashed or connected to the smaller blocks yet, but quirky is okay with me--I think it adds a little interest!

  7. It’s a pretty quick and easy fix at this point so I’d probably do it, but that said I don’t stress if I find an oops when it’s quilted in. Then it just adds character! Cute apron! Enjoy your bike rides.

  8. Well you know my attitude on perfection,! The curved pieced block is very cute. And I Love that apron! What a great idea! I'm sure I've got a couple of old jeans around! cheers!

  9. Who determines if it is "wrong"? It took me forever to find the "mistake" even with them circled. Normally when we ask the question, we already know the answer. �� It is probably bothering you enough to ask the question, so it is also bothering you enough to fix it. However, before you take out those little hst, try this.. take it apart just to the 4-tile stage. Then rearrange those four tiles so that the two "wrong" tiles are opposite one another rather than side by side. If placed to the center. You may fid it creates an interesting design. There are 256 different ways those 4 tiles can be arranged, btw, so you may find one that is pleasing to you. I'd try anything rather than having to get down to those little hst units..

  10. I would fix the blocks because they would always jump out at me. That's the way I roll but the choice is yours.

  11. I would like to say that I would leave it, but I know I'd have to fix those triangles. Tell us what you decide to do.

  12. NEVER! I always delight in finding these clues in the calico. I like quirky little things like this and I think they give quilts character and reminds us all that we are not machines.
    I love that jean apron how fun is that??

  13. I'll admit that at this stage of the game I would probably fix it, but if the top was all sewn together, I'm not sure I would go to the trouble at that point.
    That said, these little boo-boos are fun to discover in other people's quilts. But I say it is up to the maker. How much will it bother you, or will it not trouble you at all? How much work is involved in the "fix" and does it feel worth it? Those are the things I ask myself is these situations.
    Good job on the curved piecing. I haven't done any of that in quite a while.
    The apron cracks me up. :)

  14. Hi Randy
    Of course it's not too late to fix it before it is sewn in to the quilt if that's what you want to do.
    I kind of love the quirkiness of the block as is. With this being a repro of an already quirky kind of sampler I think I'd leave it as is and not really think of it as a boo boo. It's a learning curve, a journey.
    That coming from me is really a stretch as I'm a perfectionist and precision person. I think Cheddarback would be happy as is. I already have a quirky block in mine and it is all sewn in. I could have taken it out and fixed it but said to myself, meh. In the grand scheme of things it's not that important.
    When you look at the finished top/quilt that block may make you smile.

  15. Hi Again!

    When I first saw your block a few days ago I immediately thought, awww cute little doggie. You know the kind, one who looks at you and has one ear straight up and the other ear flopped over. What's not to love?